Here Are the Cheapest 5G Mobile Plans in Australia

Here Are the Cheapest 5G Mobile Plans in Australia
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While 5G network access used to be limited to plans from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, that’s no longer the case. These big telcos have been selling off access to their networks to smaller providers, which means you can pick up a 5G mobile plan for much cheaper. Compared to the previous generation of mobile networks, access to a 5G service means you’ll deal with less network congestion and lag, with faster overall speeds.

Before you sign up for a 5G mobile plan, you’ll need to make sure you live in an area that is covered by the telco’s 5G network. Some telcos have better network coverage than others as well. You’ll also need a handset that has 5G support. While this feature is pretty standard on most modern smartphones, if you’re using something a bit older, you might not be able to access the 5G network.

If you want to improve your mobile connection, here are the best and cheapest 5G plans.

The best 5G mobile plans under $30 per month

While there are a fair few 5G mobile plans available for under $30 per month, most of these are introductory deals. For example, Telstra is currently offering its $35 SIM-only plan for $17, while Optus‘ $45 prepaid plan is available for $17, but these discounted prices only last for the sign-up period.

If you want to keep your 5G mobile plan under $30 indefinitely, then you have a couple of cheap options.

First is Moose Mobile, which has a 25GB plan that’s $11.80 per month for the first eight months you’re with the provider. After this introductory period ends, you’ll be paying $24.80 per month. Moose also has a similar offer for its 40GB plan, where you’ll pay $19.80 per month for the first eight months, and then $29.80 per month after that. Moose Mobile is powered by the Optus 5G network.

Southern Phone has a similar plan, although you’ll receive a bit less data. You’ll pay $14 per month for the first six months of your plan and receive a data allowance of 20GB. After the discount period ends, you’ll be paying $24 per month. If you want better dollar-to-data value, Southern Phone’s 40GB plan is the better option. You’ll pay $19 per month for the first six months of your plan, and then $29 per month thereafter.

Up next is Belong, which is Telstra’s budget brand. While it doesn’t have any introductory offers available, its 25GB SIM-only plan is priced at a flat rate of $29 per month, which is fairly standard for this price tier.

If you want a bit more data, Amaysim has a 32GB 5G SIM-only plan for $30 per 28-day renewal. If you sign up before May 14, you’ll only pay $10 initially and you’ll receive an extra 18GB of bonus data. Amaysim is also powered by the Optus 5G Mobile Network.

The best 5G mobile plans under $50 per month

As we cross the $30 mark, we get a few more options when it comes to smaller providers that are powered by the Telstra 5G network. There’s Tangerine, which has a 32GB plan for $33 per month, along with Belong, where you’ll pay $35 per month for 40GB of data.

As far as the best dollar-to-data value goes, that belongs to Moose Mobile. With this plan, you’ll get 100GB of data for $24.80 per month. This price will last for the first eight months of your plan, before increasing to $36.80 per month after that.

Meanwhile, Belong, Superloop, Lebara, NuMobile and Exetel are all offering 5G SIM-only plans that come with 100GB of data. As far as pricing goes, these plans sit in the range of $45 to $50 per month.

While Vodafone does have a 100GB plan, this is only available as a limited-time offer. If you’re a new customer and sign up before June 3, you’ll receive 100GB of data for Vodafone’s Small SIM-Only plan, instead of 50GB. The good news is that once you’ve signed up for this plan, you’ll keep this 100GB allowance as long as you stay connected to it.

If you want a slightly larger data allowance, Amaysim has a 120GB 5G SIM-only plan that’s a flat rate of $50 per month – although you can pick it up for an initial price of $24.

The best 5G mobile plans over $50 per month

As we push past the $50 mark, the data allowances from mobile providers ramp up significantly.

If you want the best bang for your buck when it comes to a huge data cap, Vodafone’s double data deal means you can nab 360GB for $59 per month, or a whopping 720GB for $79 per month. The former is the cheapest 5G plan within this price range, while the latter has the most data. Once you’ve signed up for either of these Vodafone plans, you’ll maintain these huge allowances as long as you stay connected.

There’s also Optus, which is offering a 500GB plan for $69 per month. This price lasts for the first 12 months of your connection, before increasing to $89 per month thereafter. For comparison, Optus’ 220GB plan is $69 per month, while its 300GB plan is $89 per month, so you’ll be getting considerably more data with this 500GB plan either way.

Which mobile phones support 5G?

Image: Apple

Not sure if your phone supports 5G? Here’s a quick guide to help you double-check:

  • Apple: iPhone 12 and newer
  • Samsung: Galaxy S20 (select variants) and newer, Galaxy Z Fold 3 and newer, Galaxy Z Flip 3 and newer
  • Google: Google Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5 and newer
  • OPPO: Find X2 and newer

Image: 20th Television Animation


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