5 TV Shows That Are Similar to Baby Reindeer

5 TV Shows That Are Similar to Baby Reindeer
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Baby Reindeer is the only TV show everyone is talking about right now. The thrilling drama series adapts the real stories from the life of the creator, writer and lead actor, Richard Gadd, whose recount of his experiences being stalked and abused has led to a lot of real-world discussion and controversy. If you’ve already smashed through all of Baby Reindeer and are looking for more shows in a similar style we’ve pulled together some suggestions for you as well as where you can stream them in Australia.

More TV shows to watch if you liked Baby Reindeer

I May Destroy You

i may destroy you
I May Destroy You (Image: Binge)

I May Destroy You is another semi-autobiographical drama series that deals with similar themes to Baby Reindeer. Michaela Coel writes, directs and stars in the series as a writer who struggles to remember the events of a night out and soon uncovers that she was drugged and taken advantage of.

Watch it on BINGE.


beef tv show netflix
Image: Netflix

Large parts of Baby Reindeer deal with stalking and obsession. While BEEF may not cross over into quite so dark territory, it certainly has the obsession part down as it follows Steven Yeun and Ali Wong’s characters, two strangers who get into a road rage incident, and their obsession with making each other’s lives worse.

Check out BEEF on Netflix.


you season 4 netflix february
Image: Netflix

You is an adaptation of the hit novels by Caroline Kepnes, which follows a fictional charming serial killer who becomes infatuated with his targets and employs tactics like excessive stalking to infiltrate their lives. Unlike Baby Reindeer, You takes the point of view of the perpetrator rather than the victim and deals with equally dark subject matter (although it’s far more dramatised).

Watch You on Netflix.


Screenshot: Fleabag/Prime Video
Screenshot: Fleabag/Prime Video

Fleabag is on the opposite end of the scale to Baby Reindeer, leaning into comedy territory rather than thriller, however, it shares similarities in that it is also based on a comedian’s one-person play. Fleabag adapts Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s one-woman show of the same name, in which she stars as Fleabag, an angry, single and free-spirited young woman living in London.

Watch Fleabag on Prime Video.


Screenshot: Swarm/Prime Video, Fair Use
Screenshot: Swarm/Prime Video, Fair Use

Another show dealing with a dark obsession is Swarm, a comedy thriller that follows a young woman’s unhealthy infatuation with a pop star and the dangerous path it takes her down. The series also takes a look at obsession in fandom and how this can take a turn for the worse.

Watch Swarm on Prime Video.

If you’re yet to devour Baby Reindeer you can do so on Netflix right now. And if you’re looking for other new things to watch this month be sure to check out our monthly round-up of new titles on streaming services.

Lead Image Credit: Netflix/Binge


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