The 3 Elements You Need to Create a Cosy Home, According to IKEA

The 3 Elements You Need to Create a Cosy Home, According to IKEA

The scorching summer months are through for another year, and autumn has officially landed. If the change of season has you wanting to switch up your design style at home, IKEA has some suggestions for creating a cosy environment.

Christine Gough, IKEA Australia’s Life At Home Expert, shared that the brand’s 2023 Life At Home Report highlighted that “comfort is identified as one of the top ‘needs’ we want our homes to provide for us”.

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“According to the LAH Report, 43 per cent of people say (worldwide) that having their home be a place where they can unwind and relax is their number one home priority,” she said over email.

She added that comfort doesn’t necessarily come only from the elements you’d expect, “like textiles, rugs, cushions, blankets, lighting and décor in warm colours…” But also from things that provide “ease and efficiency”.

Elements like temperature control, “peace and quiet,” smell, and soothing textures all add to the sense of comfort that creates a cosy home environment.

“People are looking for quality pieces that mean something to them over quantity. The key is putting these items on display, instead of hiding them away – photo frames, a decorative tray to group a collection together, a shelf that holds souvenirs from travels,” she said.

How to create a cosy home according to IKEA

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As Gough touched on, there are a few key themes IKEA sees as important to creating a comfortable and cosy autumn-inspired environment. These cover practical living, physical, sensory comfort, and design details that create a homely space. Gough has also shared a handful of products that she recommends for each key element.

Efficiency and ease creating comfort:

Sensorial, tactile comfort:

Meaningful objects and personalisation creating comfort through memories:

If you’d like more design insight and inspiration, you can read more here. And if you’re keen to read more about IKEA, check out this write up on the most popular products sold at the retailer next.

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