I’ve Been Cleaning My Plastic Containers Wrong My Entire Life

I’ve Been Cleaning My Plastic Containers Wrong My Entire Life

It’s been a minute since we’ve learned a revolutionary life lesson, but I’m bringing it back for 2024, starting with a hack that has taught me the best way to clean a plastic container.

Now we’re not just talking about any old plastic containers here. We’re talking about the ones that, after a long day of holding lunch or leftovers, you drop into the sink to soak, hoping the water will magically clean that caked-on orange grime that seems to have become one with the very plastic. You know the ones.

How to properly clean your plastic container

As you may have guessed, I was one of those people who thought a good soak was all a plastic container needed, but how wrong I was.

A TikTok account, @idailyunfacts, has revealed a cleaning hack for any plastic container.

Starting with the heading “I was today years old” (same, bro), the user shows us how the secret to removing that grime is to put a bit of dish soap on an absorbent towel or cloth, drop it into your container, place the lid on and shake it all up. Then when you remove the cloth and rinse it out under the tap, magically, all the grease is gone!

I have no idea how this sorcery works, but it will be my go-to method for cleaning containers from now on.

The folks in the comments shared their theories, saying a paper towel is more absorbent than a typical sponge, which helps to soak up all the oil. Others complained about the amount of water being wasted as this person washed their container with the tap running which, look, I have to agree with – no need for it!

They’re your dishes, so you do whatever method works for you, but I, for one, will be trying out this plastic container cleaning life hack ASAP.

Let us know if this method worked for you in the comments below!

Lead Image: TikTok/iStock

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