Famous and Cursed U.S. Pizza Restaurant Chuck E. Cheese Is Coming to Australia

Famous and Cursed U.S. Pizza Restaurant Chuck E. Cheese Is Coming to Australia

In Australia, we’re no strangers to U.S. fast food outlets opening up on our shores. We already have Taco Bell, Carls Jr. and Five Guys, with Wendy’s on the way. I’m still here waiting for In-N-Out, but apparently, the next fast food giant making its way down under is the pizza arcade joint, Chuck E. Cheese.

Here’s what we know about Chuck E. Cheese’s expansion into Australia.

What is Chuck E Cheese?

Chuck E. Cheese is a famous restaurant chain in the U.S. known mainly for its pairing of pizza with children’s entertainment. The place primarily exists to host kid’s birthday parties, offering trampolines, arcade games, dance parties and character mascots as entertainment. You can take a peek at the very American menu here.

If you’re thinking Chuck E. Cheese looks a bit like nightmare fuel it does, in fact, bear a lot of similarities to Five Nights at Freddy’s. Take that as you will.

When is Chuck E Cheese coming to Australia?

Chuck E. Cheese’s move to Australia is off the back of a deal with the Royale Hospitality Group, a company responsible for the likes of Outback Jacks and Milky Lane.

These restaurants will feature “a variety of experiences catering to the entire family alongside the most popular arcade games, pizza and entertainment that have made Chuck E. Cheese the place for birthday celebrations and family fun for nearly 50 years.”

In a statement, Mario Centola, COO of Chuck E. Cheese International, said of the new partnership:

“Chuck E. Cheese is a powerful global brand that transcends language and cultural boundaries, centered (sic) around the timeless essence of family fun. We are thrilled to bring the magic of Chuck E. Cheese to Australia and to collaborate with the Royale Hospitality Group, a partner that shares our commitment to delivering exceptional family experiences.”

Admittedly it’s hard to think of a go-to children’s birthday party space apart from a McDonald’s playground, so perhaps this will fill a niche in the market.

It also seems that the restaurant will be getting a bit of a change-up when it lands on our shores, as Centola made clear, “We look forward to crafting the Chuck E. Cheese brand for the Australian market.”

I demand they do meat pie-stuffed crust.

A date for the first Chuck E. Cheese restaurant opening in Australia was not indicated in the announcement, but considering we’re still waiting for Wendy’s, don’t expect it any time soon.

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