The Most Annoying Habit Beachgoers Can Have, According to Aussies

The Most Annoying Habit Beachgoers Can Have, According to Aussies

We’re well and truly in the warmer months here in Australia right now, which means beach days are a part of many peoples’ plans at the moment. Spotify is obviously well aware of this and has conducted a survey of 1,001 Aussies about beach behaviours, pet peeves, and the music they most enjoy listening to by the water.

Here are the insights we found most interesting from the survey results.

What’s the best music to listen to at the beach?

When it comes to playing tunes while at the beach, folks surveyed by Spotify shared that Pop, Rock and Country were the top three best genres to listen to. These were followed by Hip Hop, Classical, Jazz, Folk, Reggae, Electronic and Heavy Metal.

Can’t say I’ve ever had the urge to pop on some classical tunes while hitting the beach, but hey – do you, people.

The top ten ‘beach songs’ according to Aussie Spotify survey respondents were as follows:

Most annoying beach behaviours:

Moving away from musical taste and over to beach behaviours more generally, the survey also asked people what their biggest pet peeves were when it comes to beach visits. These four behaviours are what came back.

  • People leaving rubbish behind: 57%
  • People walking over you or your towels: 37%
  • People placing their towels too close to your personal space: 26%
  • Music being too loud for a public setting: 26%

It’s no real surprise to see littering sitting at the top of the list there; it’s a nasty habit that is harmful to the environment, and loads of people get really pissed off when they see it in action (understandably).

So, what do you think? Are these the worst things you could do at the beach, or are other habits more frustrating? Let us know in the comments below.

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