SXSW Sydney: Here’s a List of Free Events You Can Attend

SXSW Sydney: Here’s a List of Free Events You Can Attend

In just under a month, the first South by Southwest (SXSW) festival outside of the U.S. will be taking place in Sydney. The event covers a range of different interests, including movies, music, tech and keynote talks but, until recently, the cost of admission has been quite high. SXSW Sydney has since introduced a more affordable wristband system and, off the back of that, has now added a whole range of completely free events.

The best free events to see at SXSW Sydney

As part of its programming, SXSW Sydney has unveiled a plethora of free events taking place in Tumbalong Park in Darling Harbour. Like the festival itself, events will run between October 15-22.

The full schedule will be announced in October, but in the meantime, some of the free SXSW Sydney highlights are below.

Tech Demos

Tumbalong Park will play host to a bunch of demos and activations from major players in the technology space, including:

  • Cloud Ground Control – Audience members will have the chance to remote control robotic vehicles and drones stationed in different states from the SXSW stage.
  • JigSpace – Australian augmented reality leaders, JigSpace, will provide a demo allowing audiences to preview a Formula 1 Car in AR.
  • JMC Academy – JMC Academy acting students will combine performance and technology as actors roam the space, and audience members can choose to prompt a Generative AI tool to transform projections into heartfelt portraits.
  • UTS – The UTS Motorsports Electric team will present its 2023 electric and autonomous cars.

Live music performances

Adding to SXSW Sydney’s already extensive music line up are a number of local and international artists.

  • Touchdown Under YEG Showcase (October 18-19) – Presented by Asia’s biggest label group, YEG Music. Performers include: Isayana Sarasvati, GAC, Hindia, Nadin Amizah, Owen, Marv, Yuji, Ardhito Pramono, Feby Putri, Pop Shuvit, Soegi Bornean, Hujan, Adhita Sofyan.
  • Young Henrys Rock n Roll Circus featuring secret acts covering iconic rock songs.
  • Breaking New Ground – the AUS Breaking Crew will provide insight into the culture ahead of the Oceania Olympic qualifying event.
  • JMC Academy student performances – vocalists, bands, singers & songwriters will take the lunchtime stage.

Conference speakers

A number of speakers will take the Tumbalong Park stage for free talks including

  • Adam Spencer’s “Big Questions” Panel with Dr Karl
  • Yiying Lu and Chef Martin Yan will partake in a live cooking class.

Free game demos and screenings

Audiences will be able to experience exclusive video game demos and talks from expert speakers, starting with a community Esports meetup that will have Rocket League, CSGO and League of Legends available to play. Tumbalong Park will also be host to a Gaming Live Stream Exhibition and the SXSW Games Festival Presentation on October 22.

Running regularly throughout the festival will also be the SXSW Sydney Outdoor Cinema, which will screen a variety of cult classic feature films that have premiered over the years at SXSW Austin. Stay tuned for programming and sessions.

Live radio shows

Audiences can experience live radio broadcasts with their favourite radio and podcast hosts:

  • FBi Broadcast: Arvos with Jaimee Taylor-Nielson Live

Partner activations

  • CommBank maze to surface tech innovations
  • Suntory-196 brings its Extreme Japanese Spirit to a TBA activation
  • Seven Network – Seven House will host a program of guests, workshops and experiences.
  • Snapchat House (located in Chinese Gardens Forecourt) – an immersive experience where visitors can dive into a world of augmented reality.
  • The DEPT Garden House – DEPT talks at 2:00 pm featuring talks about tech and marketing with industry experts. A place to relax and unwind near the Chinese Gardens of Friendship.
  • Uber Advertising – “Bar in a Car” allows festival-goers to relax with a beverage in between sessions.

This isn’t everything that’s on offer from SXSW Sydney, with even more free events listed on the website. Stay tuned for more info, or you can find out more about the festival events and tickets here.

Lead Image Credit: SXSW Sydney


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