How to Claim Your Unused Qantas and Jetstar COVID Travel Credits

How to Claim Your Unused Qantas and Jetstar COVID Travel Credits

The COVID-19 pandemic threw the travel industry into a state of flux, with holidays cancelled, flights stopped, and refunds thin on the ground. What many airlines, including the likes of Qantas and Jetstar, chose to do at this time was offer customers travel credit vouchers for cancelled flights. If you haven’t redeemed your travel credit yet, here is how you can do it now.

Do Qantas COVID travel credits expire?

During a senate committee in late August, airline officials from Qantas and Jetstar admitted that the company is holding around $520 million in unused travel credits since the COVID-19 outbreak.

A COVID credit refers to travel credit for bookings up to and including September 30, 2021. For Jetstar customers, this is referred to as a COVID credit voucher.

While, initially, these credits had an expiration date of the end of 2023, Qantas and Jetstar have since caved to the pressure and removed the expiry dates on COVID flight credits.

“Qantas customers with COVID credits can request a cash refund, and Jetstar customers can use their COVID vouchers for flights, indefinitely.” The company said in a press release about the extension.

Qantas elaborated, saying that COVID credits can only be put towards flights until December 31, after which customers will need to request a cash refund due to “system limitations.”

Qantas also stated that from September 4, it will offer an incentive of double the amount of Frequent Flyer points for any COVID credits used prior to December 31, 2023.

How to redeem travel credits on Qantas and Jetstar

Qantas jetstar travel credit vouchers
(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images). Qantas and Jetstar COVID travel credit voucher cancelled flights.

If you’re wondering whether you could be one of the people with a travel credit tied up in that $520 million, there’s a way to find out.

Qantas has a ‘Find My Credit’ tool that allows you to check whether you have any unclaimed flight money.

The details you may need to provide include:

  • Last name of the traveller
  • Email of the traveller/travel arranger
  • Booking reference (PNR) or ticket number of the original flight/s put into credit
  • Qantas Pass or Qantas TravelPass account or voucher number

You can find the Qantas ‘Find My Credit’ tool here. You can check your flight credit with Jetstar here.

If you want to redeem your credit, you can visit the Qantas or Jetstar websites to book a new flight. If you’d like to request a refund, however, you’ll need to call 1300 668 885.

For those who booked flights with a travel agent, you’ll need to contact the agent directly regarding your credits.

And if you’re wondering what the best flight to book with your credit is, you might want to check out Google Flights, which has a bunch of new tools to help you snag a deal.

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