This IKEA Hack Will Instantly Expand Your Bathroom Storage

This IKEA Hack Will Instantly Expand Your Bathroom Storage

If there’s one thing we like more than an IKEA sale, it’s an IKEA hack, and today we’ve got a banger for you. A TikToker has discovered a hack to turn a simple IKEA side unit into extra bathroom storage. It takes a bit of DIY effort, but the result is a perfect storage solution for those with limited bathroom space.

This idea comes to us from TikTok user @ikeahacksandideas (aptly named). The main component is IKEA’s IVAR side unit which retails for around $35. You’ll also need some DIY materials like multi-purpose wood filler, a hacksaw, some paint, and a drill. To complete the hack, you’ll also want to pick some material to hang things off of, like wooden hooks, dowels or knobs, as well as some nails that suit their size.

To start off with, the video suggests you fill in all the extra wooden holes on the side unit so you can get a clean polished look. Do this by filling the holes with the wood filler and then sanding it down to make everything smooth and even. You can then paint the side unit with your colour of choice.

In this video, the user also levelled out the base of the IKEA side unit by cutting it down with a handsaw, to help it stand more evenly on their floor. Do this as needed to suit your space.

After this, you’ll want to drill two to three holes in the rungs of your side unit. You don’t have to do this on every rung, just the ones you plan to hang things from. In the video, the user added dowels to only the top and bottom shelves.

Use your drill to screw your hook ornaments into the holes you’ve made, and then you’ll be left with a side unit that is perfect for hanging things like bags, towels, and other accessories from your bathroom. You could even move it into your bedroom for some extra wardrobe space to hang things like coats, umbrellas and hats.

You can see a complete guide to this IKEA storage hack in the video below.

IKEA is currently running a sale on a huge number of the items in its range. Be sure to check it for all your furniture and crafting needs. And if you need more inspiration, check out @ikeahacksandideas on TikTok.

Lead Image Credit: IKEA/TikTok (@ikeahacksandideas)

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