Spotify’s Latest Feature Democratises the Party Music Queue

Spotify’s Latest Feature Democratises the Party Music Queue

Spotify has been rolling out update after update of late, with the announcement of not only its new AI DJ, but a fun ‘daylist’ feature and now Spotify Jam listening sessions, too. The latest from the music aggregator is a feature that will change the experience of the party music queue forever — likely for the better. Here’s what you need to know.

Spotify Jam: What is it?

Spotify has described Jam as “a personalised, real-time listening session for any group to tune in together”. The feature uses the platform’s ‘personalisation technology’ to allow users to enjoy a collaborative music experience where multiple people can add to the queue.

Expanding on the success of features like Blend (where you can combine your musical taste with friends for a unique playlist) and Collaborative Playlists (where you and loved ones can contribute to the one playlist together), Jam offers Premium subscribers who are listening to tunes in real time the option to share access to their music queue with other Spotify users.

Up to 32 people can join a Jam at any one time, and while only Premium users can invite folks to collaborate on their music queues, both Free and Premium users can add songs to the list. Spotify will then also offer a helping hand by suggesting music recommendations based on the tastes of the people in the Jam session.

How to press play on the new feature

Spotify launches Jam, a collaborative music queue feature. Image supplied.

If you’d like to try Spotify Jam out for yourself (remember, you need to be a Premium subscriber) here’s how. The below instructions come courtesy of Spotify.

  • To start your Jam, select a playlist or song. Then, tap the speaker icon at the bottom of your screen or the three dot menu at the top and select “Start a Jam.”
  • You can also select a device to play on, whether that’s your phone or speaker. Those in your household, on your shared WiFi, will also be prompted to join the Jam when they open the Spotify app. 
  • You can then invite your squad in one of three ways:
    • Turn on Bluetooth, then tap your phones together
    • Have your friends scan the QR code on your host screen
    • Hit “share” to send the link through social, text, SMS, and more
  • The host has the ability to determine who’s in the Jam, change the order of the tracks, or remove a song that doesn’t fit the vibe.
    • The host can also turn on “Guest controls” to allow everyone in the session to remove or change the order of the tracks. When “Guest controls” are turned off, only the host can rearrange the queue. 

So, while the feature finally offers a way for folks to share control of the playlist at an event without disrupting the flow of music in the process, the final say on tunes does lie with the host – meaning that as soon as anyone queues up ‘Wonderwall’ all privileges will likey be revoked.

If you’d like to continue reading about Spotify and creating listening experiences, check out this piece on the perfect playlist next.


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