PSA: Opal Fares Are Rising Next Month

PSA: Opal Fares Are Rising Next Month

Just to add another log to the fire that is our burning bank accounts in this cost of living crisis, NSW public transport fares are the next thing set to rise. Prices across the Opal network are due to increase in October; however, it’s not all bad news.

How much are Opal card prices increasing?

The NSW Government has confirmed that Opal fares will increase by an average of 3.7 per cent from October 16, which is less than $1 extra per week. The government also highlighted that this is less than the consumer price index movement of 7 per cent in the June 2023 quarter (an increase is still an increase, but sure).
Some examples of the new fares include:

Opal cards fare increase. Screenshot: NSW Government

Additionally, the Station Access Fare set by the Airport Link Company is increasing for travel to the Domestic and International stations. It will increase by $0.94 for adults (previously $15.74 for single-use access) and $0.84 for children, concessions and seniors (previously $14.08 for single-use access).

This price increase will not impact the weekly travel cap, which is set at $50 for adults and $25 for concessions and children. Seniors and pensioners will remain at their cap of $2.50 per day.

NSW Transport is also removing the half-price trips after eight journeys discount, citing that not enough people are reaching this cap.

Friday fares reduced

While fares across the board may be increasing, it’s not all bad news, as the NSW government is reducing Opal card fare prices on Fridays.

This matches the cheaper weekend fares that offer a 30 per cent price reduction to commuters on Saturdays and Sundays. Adult cardholders will be able to travel all day for no more than $8.90, while child/concessions passengers will have a fare cap of $4.45 all day.

“Every weekend will soon be a long weekend when it comes to Opal fares, as we make Friday travel cheaper for everyone, trimming the cost of visiting the city be it for work, to shop or to enjoy a day and night out on the town,” NSW Transport Minister, Jo Haylen, said in a statement.

In the grand scheme of things, the Opal cards’ fare increase is less significant than some other price rises we’ve seen recently, particularly due to the increase in inflation. So, at least there’s that…

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