Dyson Adds Lighting to Its Range of Home Products in Australia

Dyson Adds Lighting to Its Range of Home Products in Australia

While Dyson is known for its innovations in vacuum and air purifier technology, the company’s latest innovation is in the world of light. The Solarcycle Morph is Dyson’s first foray into lamp technology, and it comes with a bunch of neat new tech features you’d expect from Dyson (as well as an eye-watering price tag).

Let’s find out everything there is to know about Dyson’s Solarcycle Morph Desk light.

What is the Dyson Solarcycle Morph?

dyson solarcycle morph desk
Image: Dyson

According to Dyson, the Solarcycle Morph Desk is “engineered for versatility and inspired by natural light”.

The lamp has the ability to cycle through four different light formats and uses daylight tracking to automatically adjust to your personal needs. Linking your Solarcycle Morph to the MyDyson app will allow the light to intelligently adjust based on the user’s task, age, mood and local daylight. This is designed to help with a user’s individual circadian rhythm.

Design-wise, the lamp is positioned on a moveable arm that offers 360 degrees of manoeuvrability. The aluminium-polycarbonate composite stem is also perforated with 4,950 apertures, giving it a distinct look. Light can be transmitted out of the bulb, out of the arm of the lamp, or, in ambient mode, it is emitted out of the stem itself.

Perhaps one of the most significant achievements of the Solarcycle morph is that Dyson’s heat pipe technology draws heat away from the LEDs to provide a constant cooling cycle, which allows the bulb to last for 60 years, as per Dyson’s estimations.

The four light formats offered on the Solarcycle Morph are designed to emulate the properties of natural light that you’d need for certain tasks. The Solarcycle Morph also uses motion sensing technology to switch on when a user is near and will automatically switch off after five minutes of stillness to conserve energy.

An ambient light sensor also means that if any background light is switched on near the Solarcycle Morph, it can automatically adjust its output levels to keep the space at a constant brightness.

The four light formats range between 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin and include:

  • Indirect – a bright light designed to bounce off walls, floors and ceilings
  • Task – A focused pool of high-intensity light for work, hobbies, make-up applications and intricate tasks.
  • Feature – light that creates dramatic effects, useful for highlighting art, colours and decorative features.
  • Ambient – A comforting orange glow that emits from the stem. Used for evening relaxation with reduced blue light.
dyson solarcycle morph
Image: Dyson

The light also has a number of pre-set modes, including:

  • Study – recommended light levels for studying with colour temperature that adjusts over the day
  • Relax – light at the warmer end of the spectrum with low intensity that is still bright enough for reading. Linking to the Dyson app allows the Solarcycle Morph to adjust light intensity according to an individual’s age.
  • Boost – designed for tasks that require bright light for shorter periods of 20 minutes
  • Wake-up – the user can set the light to turn on at the time they like to wake up and brighten gradually to create a smoother wake-up environment
  • Sleep mode – deactivates the light’s movement sensor so it won’t come on while the user is sleeping. It’s also pre-set to the lowest levels so that if the light is turned on during the night, it is less disturbing.
  • Away mode – the light will switch on and off at set times to imitate human presence

Some additional features of the light include an inbuilt USB-C charger that can provide charge for phones or tablets,

Now let’s talk about the main sticking point, the price. Dyson products have never been all that affordable, so it probably comes as no surprise that the Solarcycle Morph Desk costs $899.

The Solarcycle Morph, which has already launched in some overseas markets, is available in Australia as of September 21. A floor light variant is available in other markets but doesn’t have a release date for AU yet.

The Dyson Solarcycle Morph comes with a lot of cool innovations, but is that enough to warrant a $900 price tag? Weigh in below.

You can also read more about Dyson’s other new product, the Big+Quiet air purifier, here.

Lead Image Credit: Dyson

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