What You Need To Know About The New Generation of Apple Watches

What You Need To Know About The New Generation of Apple Watches

A new season of Apple products has officially arrived, and it’s time to look, once again, at the Apple Watch. The next iteration of Apple’s smartwatch – the Apple Watch Series 9 – was unveiled at Apple’s Wonderlust event, so here is your complete guide to what you can expect from the device.

Apple Watch Series 9: Everything you need to know

Image: Apple

From a neat double-tap feature to Snoopy watch faces, there are a few things catching people’s attention when it comes to the Apple Watch Series 9. Here’s what you need to know.

New S9 SiP

Apple announced that the Series 9 Watch has been treated to an all-new chip, named the S9 SiP. According to Apple, this is the most powerful watch chip yet – offering “systemwide improvements and brand-new features”. The watch has been fitted with a 4-core Neural Engine that is able to process machine-learning tasks twice as quickly as previous models, and the S9 SiP boasts the ability to maintain an 18-hour battery life.

In addition to all that, it also offers a display that is twice as bright as that of Series 8 – with a display up to 2000 nits. Nice.

Colour options

pink apple watch series 9
Pink Apple Watch. Image: Apple

A somewhat reliable leaker, ShrimpApplePro, claimed some time back the Apple Watch Series 9 would add a fifth pink colour option for the aluminium housing of the watch, and this rumour has since been confirmed. Apple announced pink would join the lineup of finishes on offer, alongside Midnight, Starlight, Silver and Product RED. We’re sure this has nothing at all to do with Barbie.

Speaking of cases, the Series 9 also boasts Apple’s first-ever carbon-neutral products with certain case and band combinations.

watchOS 10

The Apple Watch Series 9 is set to run on watch OS 10, which comes with the following updates:

Via Apple press announcement.

  • A fresh approach to quickly view information with redesigned apps and a new Smart Stack to show relevant widgets right when they’re needed.
  • Delightful new watch faces: Snoopy, Palette, and Solar Analogue. A new Nike watch face, Nike Globe, lights up the lines on the globe with each passing second.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for power meters, speed sensors, and cadence sensors arrives for cyclists, unlocking new metrics and Workout Views, and cycling workouts.
  • cycling workout can automatically show up as a Live Activity on iPhone and utilise the full screen when tapped.
  • New Compass Waypoints and Maps capabilities to further help during outdoor adventures.
  • Additional tools to support mental health with state of mind logging in the Mindfulness app.
  • The ability to measure time spent in daylight using the ambient light sensor to help reduce the risk of myopia and provide additional benefits to physical and mental health for all ages.

New features?

apple watch series 9
Apple Watch Series 9. Credit: Apple

Despite rumours not pointing to much news in the features space, there are actually some updates here worth looking at. Apple announced that the Apple Watch Series 9 offers a new double-tap gesture, on-device Siri that is able to access and log your health data and precision finding. Let’s take a closer look at those, yeah?

  • Double-tap feature: Probably the coolest new feature is the ability to control your Apple Watch Series 9 without touching the device. The double-tap feature allows users to perform common actions on the watch by tapping their index finger and thumb (on the watch hand) together. Using this feature will allow you to do things like stop your timer, pause or play music and snooze an alarm. (We’ve included a picture above for reference). The watch is able to recognise the signal through its Neural Engine, which can detect wrist movements connected to the double-tap movement.
  • On-device Siri: With this new generation of watch, Siri requests can be made on-device for the first time. You’ll be able to complete certain actions like setting a timer or starting a workout with Siri – without needing Wi-Fi or a cellular network connection. Dictation is also said to be 25 per cent more efficient than the Series 8 model. Users will also be able to log health data using Siri, updating details like medications taken or their period.
  • Precision Finding: Apple has shared that the Series 9 has been fitted with a second-generation Ultra Wideband (UWB) chip which enables a feature known as Precision Finding for the iPhone 15 range. As you see with other ‘Find My’ services, Precision Finding will show you the distance and direction of an iPhone and will guide you to it using visual, haptic and audio guidance. The UWB also connects more easily with HomePod – launching ‘Now Playing’ when the two devices are within four metres of each other.

More here.

Apple Watch SE

For those seeking a more entry-level watch to play with, this announcement has also included a new generation of Apple Watch SE that offers “Activity tracking, high and low heart rate notifications, Fall Detection, Emergency SOS, Crash Detection, and watchOS 10”.

More here.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Image: Apple Watch Ultra 2

The new Apple Watch Ultra 2 is being described as the “most advanced Apple Watch”. It also boasts the S9 SiP and Double-tap Gesture feature, along with a brighter display, Precision Finding, On-device Siri and watchOS 10, but in addition to this, it comes fitted with a new watch face design – Modular Ultra – and the ability to be put to work in extreme settings. It has been tested at 500 metres below sea level up to 9,000 metres above.
Divers will also be able to enjoy the new updated Oceanic+ app, which shows “critical data like depth and elapsed time, and receive target depth alerts”.

Price and release date

Apple Watch Series 9 starts at $649 (slightly more expensive than the starting price for Series 8), and Apple Watch SE starts at $399. Apple Watch Ultra 2 is $1,399. You can preorder your devices now, with availability beginning Friday, September 22.

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Lead Image Credit: Apple

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