Here’s How to Get Your Favourite International Brands Sent to Aus Without Paying Hefty Shipping Prices

Here’s How to Get Your Favourite International Brands Sent to Aus Without Paying Hefty Shipping Prices
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Australia’s made giant leaps since 2013 when it comes to stocking international beauty, fashion and tech brands. But, when you compare it to other major cities and countries around the world — it’s no secret, we’ve still got a long way to go.

I’m sure this is something any seasoned beauty goers out there (who have had to source the latest in Fenty and Charlotte Tilbury in the most niche of places) would be used to. But what if we told you it didn’t need to be so hard?

Enter: Reship — an easy and efficient way to get your international shopping to Aussie shores without having to sell an organ to pay for it. Here’s everything you need to know about the service.

What is Reship?

Reship is an international package forwarding service that you sign up for, and they then provide you with forwarding addresses in the US, UK, and Canada, which allows you to shop from online stores in these countries just like a local.

Here’s does Reship work?

Simply shop online via your favourite American, British, and Canadian stores, and use your provided Reship address as the shipping destination at checkout. Your purchases will be sent to the Reship warehouse in the respective country before being forwarded to you here in Australia. The Reship staff take two photos — one of outside the box and one of the contents. (They’re required to open every box to ensure what they are shipping is, in fact, legal.) Staff then either store the packages for you until you can combine all your shopping and send it in one big package or forward it here to you in Australia.

If you plan on buying more items on the Gold/Platinum plan, they can store the packages for up to 30 days (Gold plan) and 45 days (Platinum plan). With the free plan is seven days of storage as they can’t consolidate. However, Reship they are looking to allow free plan customers to consolidate and have 14-day storage in the near future.

The US warehouse is located in Portland, Oregon, which is a no-sales tax state, so when customers are shopping for products in the US, they immediately save on the sales tax. This is extremely beneficial if you’re in the market for high-valued items ie. watches, handbags, luxury goods, etc. However, do keep in mind that while you save on the US sales tax, you may still be responsible for paying any applicable duties or taxes imposed by Australian customs when the item arrives in Australia. Nevertheless, the overall cost might still be lower, making shopping from the US an attractive option.

How much is a membership, and how do they work?

According to the website, a monthly membership starts at around $9.99 per month USD (around $14.55 AUD) or $99.99 USD (around $147 AUD) annually for a Gold membership. However, customers are able to signup for free and upgrade at any time. Pricing breakdowns can be found here. Just remember to convert it from USD to AUD. Oh, and it’s worth noting that the Gold and Platinum members also get up to 20 per cent off shipping.

What are the shipping times like?

Reship has partnered with a range of different carriers at each Canada, USA and UK warehouses — UPS, DHL, USPS, FedEx, Royal Mail, Canada Post, Freight Providers, etc. So that when a customer wants to ship out their packages, they pull rates from each carrier for that warehouse, and the customer can choose whatever option they like, so the shipping times are dependent on what you choose.

Keen to learn more about Reship? You can head here.


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