This 45-Cent Hack Will Give You Perfect Roast Potatoes

This 45-Cent Hack Will Give You Perfect Roast Potatoes
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Wondering what the heck to make for dinner tonight? I know how it is. Lucky for you, we’ve been blessed with a potato cooking hack that might help a little. And you better believe I’m about to share it here with you all.

As 7 News shared, an Australian mum’s trick for nailing roast potatoes has gained a whole lot of attention online because of how simple her approach is.

Dropping her wisdom on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page, Vicki revealed that her secret to cooking drool-worthy potatoes is, wait for it… dry French Onion soup mix.

How to elevate your potatoes with French Onion mix

In the post, which won Vicki a whole lot of attention when she published it a few years back, the Aussie mum wrote:

“When doing roast spuds, peel, cut and place in a baking dish then …. get French Onion dry soup mix and sprinkle over top of spuds. Then sprinkle your oil over that and bake. It’s the only way I do roast spuds now.”

You can pick up a packet of French Onion soup mix for as little as $0.45 at Coles and $1.20 at Woolworths if you’d like to transform your taters tonight. Yep, it’s that simple.

Give it a shot, and watch how the onion-packed soup mix gives your standard potatoes a kick.

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Want to step up your potato cooking game even further? Well, lucky for you we have pulled together an entire potato bible full of hacks, ready to help you bake, mash, fry and roast the perfect taters or sweet potatoes every single time.

From tips on how to microwave your potatoes to guides around mastering a crispy result, we’ve scoured every corner of the internet to give you this master guide to potato cooking.

Got any killer hacks for potato cooking you’d like to share? Pop them in the comments below.

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