From Biometric Passports to Time-Travelling Holidays, Here’s What the Future of Travel May Look Like

From Biometric Passports to Time-Travelling Holidays, Here’s What the Future of Travel May Look Like

Travel has changed a lot in just the past three years, so can you imagine how it will look in 50 years? European airline easyJet commissioned a panel of experts to create ‘The Future of Travel Report‘, revealing their predictions of what the travel industry will look like in the 2070s.

What they came back with is pretty surprising. Here are some key takeaways.

Planes in 2070

future of travel 2070
Image: The Future of Travel Report, easyJet

No more passports

Experts predict that advanced technology will eliminate the need for a traditional paper passport. Instead, we’ll see passports built on heartbeat signatures and biometrics. These passports will use a person’s unique cardiac signature and biometrics to allow them to travel through different airports.

Hopefully, that will also eliminate those long airport queues.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable seats

Biometric sensors will also help make plane seats more ergonomic, with experts predicting smart materials will be able to mould to individual passengers’ body shape, weight and height, to create a tailored and comfortable experience.

Inflight entertainment will change

In a prediction that is just as terrifying as it is intriguing, The Future of Travel Report predicts that instead of screens in the back of seats, we’ll all watch inflight entertainment via optoelectronic devices in our eyes.

Hotels in 2070

future of travel trends report 2070
Image: The Future of Travel Report, easyJet

3D Printing revolution

Experts predict that the traditional hotel buffet will be replaced by 3D printers that allow customers to order whatever food they want on demand. Travellers will also be able to ditch their suitcases with 3D-printed recyclable clothes that are tailored to an individual’s taste and size, also available at their hotel.

Energy efficient hotels

With energy efficiency a high priority for the future, experts think hotels will go subterranean with accommodations built into the fabric of the Earth. Anyone else getting very District 13 vibes?

Hotels may also use guests’ footsteps as a source of energy to generate power.

Travel experiences in 2070

future of travel report
Image: The Future of Travel Report, easyJet

Lost in translation

By 2070 we’ll be able to forget Duolingo and say hello to in-ear local language devices that translate the dialect of the country you’re visiting in real-time. No more lost in translation.

Submarine adventures

Submarines are not your typical tourist fare nowadays, but in 2070 experts predict they will be. Commercial underwater ‘sea-faris’ will take tourists under the sea to discover new marine life at submerged marine parks.

Time-travelling holidays

In 2070 we may be able to wear full-body haptic suits that immerse us in the history of the locations we visit. Think cheering with a crowd at the Ancient Greek Olympic Games in Athens.

Bionic and Meta technology may also help us ‘try before we buy’ a holiday, giving an immersive preview of a destination to the buyer before they commit to a purchase.

If you want to read more predictions, you’ll find them in The Future of Travel Report here.

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