How to Unlock Every Cheat in Goldeneye 007, Just in Case You’ve Forgotten

How to Unlock Every Cheat in Goldeneye 007, Just in Case You’ve Forgotten

I know why you’re here. You don’t remember how to unlock the cheats in GoldenEye 007 anymore, do you?

It’s okay! Neither did I. We’re getting old, dear reader. It’s been 20-odd years since we had to recall this information. Never fear, we’ve got you covered.

Last week, Rare’s Nintendo 64-era classic GoldenEye 007 dropped on Xbox platforms and Nintendo Switch. Its journey to release on modern hardware is a tortured one, covered in red tape and a long-running legal standoff. But it seems that someone was able to cut through that red tape and get the deal done. That means a lot of us spent the weekend diving back into GoldenEye 007 for the first time in many, many years.

If you, like me, are returning to GoldenEye 007 for the first time in at least 15 to 20 years, you might have a dim memory of the game’s unlockable cheats. Let me help you out. Each cheat is unlocked by completing a specific level on a specific difficulty within a specific time frame. Some are considerably easier than others to unlock. If you’re playing the Xbox version and you want to claim every last achievement, you’ll need to unlock all of these cheats. Each of them is now tied to its own individual Xbox achievement.

Some housekeeping: First, this list does not include any push-button cheat codes entered via the controller. I assume they can be unlocked in the Xbox and Switch versions of the game, but a) you had to enter them super fast, and none of us has that kind of dexterity anymore, let’s be honest, and b) where’s the fun in that?

Second, let’s run through a few unlocks that are tied to whole-game completion.

007 Mode

Unlocked by completing all 20 levels (including Aztec and Egyptian) on 00 Agent difficulty

All Characters (Multiplayer)

Unlocked by completing all 18 campaign levels on Agent difficulty (or higher)

Aztec level

Unlocked by completing all 18 campaign levels on Secret Agent difficulty (or higher)

Egyptian level

Unlocked by completing all 18 campaign levels and Aztec on 00 Agent.

Alright, with those out of the way, let’s move on to the level-to-level cheats.

How to unlock every cheat in GoldenEye 007


Difficulty: Secret Agent

Time: 2:40

Cheat: Paintball mode


Difficulty: 00 Agent

Time: 2:05

Cheat: Invincibility


Difficulty: Agent

Time: 5:00

Cheat: DK Mode

Surface 1

Difficulty: Secret Agent

Time: 3:30

Cheat: Grenade Launcher x2

Bunker 1

Difficulty: 00 Agent

Time: 4:00

Cheat: Rocket Launcher x2


Difficulty: Agent

Time: 3:00

Cheat: Turbo Mode


Difficulty: Secret Agent

Time: 4:30

Cheat: No radar (multiplayer)

Surface 2

Difficulty: 00 Agent

Time: 4:15

Cheat: Tiny Bond

Bunker 2

Difficulty: Agent

Time: 1:30

Cheat: Throwing knife x2


Difficulty: Secret Agent

Time: 3:15

Cheat: Fast animation


Difficulty: 00 Agent

Time: 1:20

Cheat: Invisibility


Difficulty: Agent

Time: 1:45

Cheat: Enemies with rockets


Difficulty: Secret Agent

Time: 1:40

Cheat: Slow animations


Difficulty: 00 Agent

Time: 5:24

Cheat: Silver PP7


Difficulty: Agent

Time: 3:45

Cheat: Hunting knife x2


Difficulty: Secret Agent

Time: 10:00

Cheat: Infinite ammo


Difficulty: 00 Agent

Time: 9:30

Cheat: RC-P90 x2


Difficulty: Agent

Time: 2:15

Cheat: Gold PP7

At this point, it’s worth noting that both the unlockable levels, Aztec and Egyptian, each contain two unlockable cheats. This sets them apart from every other level in the game.


Difficulty: Any

Time: Any

Cheat: Laser


Difficulty: Secret Agent

Time: 9:00

Cheat: Laser x2


Difficulty: Any

Time: Any

Cheat: Golden Gun


Difficulty: 00 Agent

Time: 6:00

Cheat: All guns

GoldenEye 007 is out now on Xbox platforms, Game Pass, and Nintendo Switch Online.


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