You Can Disable Google Sign-in Pop-ups on All Websites

You Can Disable Google Sign-in Pop-ups on All Websites

You may have noticed an increasing number of websites that now display a “Sign In With Google” pop-up every time you open the page. While it can be helpful if you use your Google Account to log into that site, you likely have plenty of sites (if not the majority) you don’t use “Sign in with Google” for, rendering these alerts useless. If you don’t want to use Google’s sign-in across all sites, there are a couple easy ways to block these pop-ups across the web.

How to stop Google from showing sign-in pop-ups

Your Google account has a hidden preference that controls whether you see these “Sign in with Google” pop-ups or not. You can disable these alerts permanently by fishing through your Google Account settings. Go to the security settings page in your Google Account. You may have to sign in if you aren’t already. Next, scroll down to the Signing in to other sites section and click Signing in with Google.

You can turn off Google Account sign-in prompts to stop this annoyance for good. Whenever you’re logged in to this Google Account, you won’t see those annoying Google sign-in pop-ups again. (You may have to repeat this process once for each Google Account.)

Hide Google sign-in pop-ups without logging in

If you don’t want to stay logged in to your Google account all the time, you can still ensure these pop-ups don’t bother you. For this, we recommend using a good ad blocker such as uBlock Origin on desktop or 1Blocker on your iPhone.

Enabling these extensions should automatically hide Google sign-in prompts everywhere. These ad blockers also ship with an easy-to-use element blocker, which lets you select any element on the page and block it quickly. You can use this tool to hide Google sign-in prompts in case the ad blocker doesn’t automatically cancel it out.


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