Oral Sex but Make It Internal: Say Hello, and Whoa, to Womanizer’s New Sex Toy

Oral Sex but Make It Internal: Say Hello, and Whoa, to Womanizer’s New Sex Toy

In news that should pique the interest of vulva owners all over, Womanizer has announced the release of an entirely new type of sex toy. Introducing the world’s first Pleasure Air G-spot vibrator, the Womanizer OG.

What started off with the curious question of ‘what would happen if I inserted a Womanizer into my vagina?’ (don’t try that at home, people) turned into four years of research, testing and designs… eventually giving us the Womanizer OG. Here’s everything you need to know about the new style of vibrator.

What’s the Womanizer OG all about?

The simplest way to describe this new sex toy is that is takes Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology and redesigns it for internal use.

This lil succi toy combines “pulsating waves and gentle suction” on the internal clitoris (also known as the G-spot) and, according to Womaniser, offers a whole new kind of orgasm for vulva owners.

Having had an opportunity to get my hands on a Womanizer OG for a quick peek, I can say the suction technology feels a little more gentle than you’d perhaps expect, but works fairly similarly to any other Womanizer suction toy — aside from where it goes, obviously.

Chief of Engineering and Production at Womanizer, Officer Tobias Zegenhagen, explained that:

“Our main goal was to create an optimised, vaginally insertable pleasure toy that allows users the perfect journey to exploring the various female erogenous zones, resulting in a long-lasting, satisfying orgasm. Our focus was on research to understand the stimulation required for the vaginal anatomy.”

The vibrator has been trialled by 250 testers in 12 test cycles, spanning over 11 different prototype iterations – making it the most-tested toy in Womanizer’s range.

Internal vs external pleasure

Without going into the full anatomical breakdown of the vulva, it’s worth noting that there what is colloquially known as the G-Spot is actually part of the clitoris — it’s just the internal structure of it.

How you experience pleasure in this part of your body is going to depend on you, but it is worth noting that in many cases, internal play feels better after a little bit of external pleasure, first.

Sex and relationship expert for Womanizer, Christine Rafe, explained that if you’re interested in trying out the Womanizer OG, the best approach is usually going to be making sure you’re nice and aroused before going to town.

“G-Spot/internal clitoral stimulation is more accessible and pleasurable when you are already aroused, as the whole clitoris becomes engorged with blood (in the same way a penis becomes erect during arousal). The more engorged or ‘erect’ the clitoris is, the more the clitoral bulbs press against the vaginal walls and are able to be stimulated through penetrative vaginal stimulation. For some, it may not feel like a specific ‘spot’, so get curious about the areas of the vaginal wall that produce the most pleasure for you,” she explained. 

And in terms of where to place the Womanizer OG, you don’t have to go too far (if you don’t want to).

“For most people, the internal clitoris can be stimulated within the first 1-3 inches (3-7 cms) of the vaginal canal on the upper vaginal wall i.e., in the direction of the bellybutton and stomach,” so try this space first and find out what works for you.

If all of that sounds like your kind of vibe (lol), the Womanizer OG comes (lol again) in three colours (Aubergine, Lilac, and Dark Grey); it has 12 intensity levels and three vibration levels, and it’s available as of December 1, 2022, on womanizer.com and Lovehoney.com for $299.

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