It’s Kitten Season Right Now and No, That’s Not as Cute as It Sounds

It’s Kitten Season Right Now and No, That’s Not as Cute as It Sounds

You may or may not be aware, but it is kitten season right now. The period of November to March is the busiest time of year for the RSPCA in terms of kitten intake, and while that may sound cute on first hearing it, the reality is a little more complex.

RSPCA NSW chief veterinarian Liz Arnott explained to the ABC during last year’s influx that “As temperature and day length increase, cat breeding activity increases. From November to March most years is our busiest time with cats and kittens. The numbers of cats and kittens the RSPCA have to care for skyrockets by around 400 per cent.”

What that leads to is thousands of homeless cats and kittens needing care over the summer months, putting added pressure on local RSPCA staff.

In a recent statement on the issue, RSPCA NSW explained that:

To put into perspective how big of an issue Kitten Season is, over 18,000 kittens are requiring urgent care in RSPCA shelters across the country. To further paint the picture, a pair of undesexed cats can lead to over 20,000 kittens in just two years.

With that considered, the team at RSPCA NSW has shared a list of four ways you can help support them and local kitties in need of some love this kitten season.

How to help out this kitten season

The below tips have been supplied via RSPCA NSW.

  1. Keeping Cats Safe at Home: Desexing, microchipping and keeping cats indoors to ensure your feline friend is safe, happy and healthy.
  2. Follow these steps if you find a stray kittens: If possible, observe the kittens for a couple of hours to see if the mother cat returns. If the kittens look healthy, inform your local council before contacting RSPCA NSW.
  3. Donate to RSPCA NSW: Donations ensure that RSPCA NSW can adequately care for the influx of cats and kittens that come into the shelters during Kitten Season.
    You can also donate to your local RSPCA here.
  4. Become a foster carer with RSPCA NSW: With all food, medication and kitty litter provided by RSPCA NSW, kittens are returned to shelters for desexing and vaccinations before they’re ready to be adopted.

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