Get Ready to Hate Yourself While Watching Emily in Paris Season 3

Get Ready to Hate Yourself While Watching Emily in Paris Season 3

Well, would you look at that? The series everyone loves to hate-watch almost as much as Sex/Life, Emily in Paris has been renewed for another couple of seasons (3 and 4, for those who are not fully up to date).

As Variety has reported, Season 2 of Emily in Paris dropped in late December 2021 and comfortably made its way into Netflix top 10 lists internationally. In fact, in early 2022, the second season of the show remained in the top 5 series on Netflix, globally for a solid chunk of time. The show’s popularity was only really rivalled by Cobra Kai at the time.

In any case, if you’ve been struck by the Emily in Paris love bug and want to know all there is about the next instalment, here’s your guide.

What is Emily in Paris?

emily in paris season 3 australia

The show follows the central character Emily (obviously), as she navigates life in the French city while wearing dramatic outfits and meeting ridiculously good-looking men.

The synopsis reads as follows:

Chicago marketing executive Emily Cooper is hired to provide an American perspective at a marketing firm in Paris.

Emily in Paris has received a lot of raised eyebrows for its cliched depictions of French people and its overly Americanised approach to everything. Many people also find its lead character unlikeable. And yet, the audiences can’t help but watch along.

Do we know much about what’s coming in Season 3?

Not yet. But it can be expected that Season 3 of Emily in Paris will kick off with the cliffhanger that Season 2 wrapped with.

There have been whispers that Emily will move on from Paris to Berlin, and considering last season wrapped with the marketing pro telling Sylvie she has made up her mind about whether or not she’s staying in Paris, it can be assumed this will be the starting point for the new season.

As Goodhousekeeping writes, Darren Star recently spoke with TV Line about the show, explaining that:

“She’s [Emily is] faced with a major decision. She has reasons to pick a number of doors at the end of Season 2, and our challenge is deciding which of those doors she’s going to choose and why. That’s what Season 3 is going to be about. When you live in a foreign country, one of the questions is, where’s your heart? Is it the place you came from, or the place you are at the moment? Emily is going to be struggling with that as well.”

We know a little bit more thanks to the official synopsis from Netflix:

One year after moving from Chicago to Paris for her dream job, Emily finds herself at a crucial crossroads in every aspect of her life. Faced with two very different paths, Emily will have to decide exactly where her loyalties lie — at work and in her romantic life — and what those decisions mean for her future in France, all while continuing to immerse herself in the adventures and surprising twists and turns that life in Paris provides.

Who will be in Emily in Paris Season 3?

We don’t have official confirmation of the entire cast yet for Season 3 of Emily in Paris, but we can make some assumptions based on Season 2 of the show, and some posts shared by the cast.

Leading lady Lily Collins is set to reprise her role of Emily, and she will likely be joined by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie, Ashley Park as Mindy, Lucas Bravo as Gabriel, Samuel Arnold as Julien, Bruno Gouery as Luc, Camille Razat as Camille, William Abadie as Antoine and Lucien Laviscount as Alfie.

Is there a trailer?

Ahead of its December release date, we have an official trailer for the new series of Emily in Paris which you can watch below.

When will the next season drop?

We’ve had an update in this space thanks to Netflix Tudum for 2022. Emily in Paris Season 3 is slated to drop on December 21, 2022. Berets at the ready!

We were treated to a fun little date announcement, which involved a lot of discussion about bangs…

Where can I watch Emily in Paris?

You can find Seasons 1-2 of Emily in Paris on Netflix.

This article has been updated since its original publish date.

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