3 Steps to Prevent Frizzy Hair in Summer, According to a Celeb Hairstylist

3 Steps to Prevent Frizzy Hair in Summer, According to a Celeb Hairstylist

Aussies are about to go into a La Niña summer for the third year in a row, and although it may be leaving us early (yay), the humidity is going to wreak havoc on our hair. Never fear, however, because we’ve got some tips from celebrity hairstylist Max Pinnell on how to prevent frizzy hair.

La Niña is not only going to affect your outdoor brunch plans this summer, but it is also probably going to put a damper on your hair game.

Max Pinnell has worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Kate Moss, Madonna, Cindy Crawford and Elle Macpherson, just to name a few. He was also behind the iconic Madonna cover for Life magazine.

With Max’s tips, however, you can strut your stuff through the humid summer days without fear of frizzy hair.

How and why does humidity affect hair?

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Sticky, sweaty, humid days are notorious for causing frizzy hair and flyaways. According to Pinnell, this is because hydrogen bonds form in the hair and create curls and frizz.

The moisture from the air will then latch onto your hair and cause it to swell up, creating frizz.

I’m sorry to say, but those with wavy or curly hair are more likely to be impacted by extra humid days. But even those with fine hair can get caught out with the frizz.

3 tips to stop frizzy hair in humidity

Pinnell has got three super simple tips to help stop your hair from getting frizzy in the humidity.

1. Carry a brolly 

Yes, this might seem super obvious, but Pinnell advises carrying an umbrella with you everywhere. This way, you can be prepared to dodge any rain from touching your beautiful hair.

2. Use the right products

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Although everything in you might be telling you to avoid this, Pinnell doesn’t want you to be afraid of putting product in your hair after the shower.

Pinnell says to find a product that you love that is super light and pop it in after a shower or even a summer swim. That way, you’ve got an extra layer of protection on wet days and an anti-frizz protector.

The Creme De Luxe, created by Pinnell, was created for this very reason. It’s intended to be a lightweight product that will help stop frizzy hair when the humidity is high.

If you want to manage frizzy hair, Pinnell recommends popping in some serum once your hair is styled. This will help tame the mane, so to speak, and give your frizzy hair some shine.

3. Get the right cut 

You might not think that your hairstyle affects how prone you will be to frizzy hair, but it does.

Pinnell recommends staying away from bangs and waiting to give yourself that haircut in autumn when it’s not so humid.

There you have it! Some super simple tips to help you stop the humidity from giving you frizzy hair.

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