There Is a Secret to Aeroplane Bathroom Bins

There Is a Secret to Aeroplane Bathroom Bins

Today in dumb things I learned from TikTok (which are a regular occurrence for me), did you know there’s a hack to opening the waste bin in an aeroplane bathroom?

It’s no secret that the restrooms on aeroplanes are a nightmare for germaphobes, or just for anyone in general. They’re tiny, cramped cubicles that are best avoided at all costs. But sometimes, particularly on a long-haul flight, you just gotta use one.

Even if you do your absolute best to avoid touching all the surfaces in an aeroplane bathroom at all costs, one thing that always seems unavoidable is opening the rubbish bin. Aeroplane bathrooms are typically all very similar, so when I describe the dropdown bin within the sink basin to dispose of towels, tissues, wipes etc., you should know what I’m referring to.

The problem is that when using said bin it’s often difficult to dispose of your paper towels and avoid touching the lid before it springs back into place. A seemingly small problem sure but a very real one if you’re trying to avoid all germs in the bathroom.

Enter this TikTok from @Tyanglines which has taught me the error of my ways.


pls tell me i’m not the only one… #travel #traveltips #airplane

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

There is a foot pedal on the floor. A. Foot. Pedal!!!

Perhaps you have always known this and it seems obvious or perhaps you are like me and have had your mind blown by this information.

Now, let’s be clear, not all aircraft are made equal so it’s very possible that not all the planes you’ve been on or will go on in future have this same design. But you can bet that it is the first thing I will be checking every time I visit the aeroplane bathroom from now on.

aeroplane bathroom bin
Look! A bin foot pedal in the wild. (Image: iStock)

Have you encountered one of these mystical bathroom foot pedals on your travels? Let us know in the comments so we can see which airlines are superior in the hygiene department.

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