Tinder Desk Mode Offers a Quick Escape if You’re Swiping at Work, but That Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Get Caught Out

Tinder Desk Mode Offers a Quick Escape if You’re Swiping at Work, but That Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Get Caught Out

According to recent data shared from Tinder, almost half the dating app’s users (47%) prefer to match and chat with potential dates while at work, and about a third (30%) of users have swiped during a meeting. Not surprised? Neither are we. But where things get interesting is the announcement that the dating app has decided to introduce a new feature off the back of this news.

In an effort to help out singles who want to search for love (or their next romp) while distracted at their desks, Tinder has shared that it has revamped its Desk Mode feature to allow for more seamless stealthy swiping.

What’s Tinder’s Desk Mode feature?

Well, it does what it says on the tin. Desk Mode is a feature that allows you to swipe and interact on Tinder from your desktop computer rather than just on the mobile app.

To use it, simply sign in to your Tinder account from your desktop web browser, and begin swiping through potential matches. You’ll be able to chat with people as you would on the app, but there is one pretty significant difference – if you need to hide your activities fast, you now have a quick escape.

How to hide your desktop swiping

If your boss walks over for a chat and you’re in the middle of chatting with the person of your dreams, Tinder offers a speedy out. All you need to do now is click on the briefcase icon in the top left-hand corner, and a mock report – which is pretty hilarious – will pop up.

Don’t ever have a need to be looking at a report while at work? Well, chances are you’d still prefer your boss sees an odd report that makes no sense on your screen rather than shameless flirting and eggplant emojis.

Tinder Desk Mode mock report
Tinder Desk Mode mock report. Image supplied.

It is worth pointing out, however, that if you’re using a work-issued computer when using Tinder Desk Mode, there is a chance your employer may be using software to monitor what programs you’re using, which makes the whole thing kind of redundant. So, proceed with caution, yeah? Or just use your personal desktop.

Does this make you feel more confident about the idea of swiping from your work computer? Perhaps not, but it’s a pretty funny update regardless. If you want more dating app details, check out our breakdown of the best options available here.

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