All the Major Clues and Celebrity Reveals for the Masked Singer Australia So Far

All the Major Clues and Celebrity Reveals for the Masked Singer Australia So Far
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Are you excited that the most cooked series on television has returned to your screen? Because we most certainly are. The Masked Singer Australia is back for 2022, masks have started being removed and guesses have been made (whether they made any sense or not is another matter entirely).

With the risk of exposing ourselves as absolutely basic weirdos who love a little bit of Masked Singer drama, we decided to write up a quick guide to the new season and everything you can expect from it.

What is The Masked Singer?

In a nutshell, The Masked Singer Australia is a talent show in which a list of celebrities (or rather, personalities) sing on stage while wearing over-the-top costumes that hide their identities from the audience and judges.

The panel of judges, and the audience at home, hear a list of clues that hint at who it may be under the mask and people can make their guesses. When the singer is eliminated (it’s a voting process), they are unmasked, and you can bask in the glory of having guessed correctly or awkwardly sit there and learn you were wrong.

The Aussie series was born off the back of the success of the U.S version of The Masked Singer, which was inspired by a Korean game show, King of Mask Singer.

Who is on the Masked Singer in 2022?

Masked Singer australia
Who the bloody hell are ya? Credit: Network 10

The judging panel for the Aussie reality show has changed in 2022, with only Dave Hughes returning for season 4. He is joined by Mel B (yes, of the Spice Girls), radio presenter Chrissie Swan and former Bachie contestant Abbie Chatfield.

How about the singers, though? The list of performing characters is slowly being revealed, and it’s as chaotic as ever. Here’s who we know is hitting the stage so far:

  • Blowfly
  • Mirrorball
  • Popcorn
  • Rooster
  • Snapdragon
  • Thong
  • Tiger
  • Zombie
  • Caterpillar
  • Knight
  • Microphone (new)
  • Gnome (new)

Once again, the series is hosted by everyone’s favourite TV dad, Osher Günsberg.

Do we have any clues to obsess over?

All the Major Clues and Celebrity Reveals for the Masked Singer Australia So Far
The Masked Singer Australia. Network 10

Yes! So far, we have seen clues about there being a former Neighbours star competing on the show, along with a “gold medal-winning legend of Australian sport”, and recently, 10 dropped that “someone who has sold 50 million records is behind the mask.”

The biggest clues from episode one:

  • Blowfly – “There’s nothing I like more than cruising in a big V8, or maybe a high-five… Those days of innocence are behind me and now I am the possessor of much wisdom.”
  • Mirrorball – “I’m Mirrorball, I was born to do what I do and my parents knew it. But when the spotlight’s not on me, I don’t react. I’m proud and determined, close to grand in fact.”
  • Zombie – “I used to feel entitled but I’m not as green as I used to be… or as orange… I’m a Zombie, I’m not wicked but I’m not magical either. I was once upon a time.”
  • Knight – “I wouldn’t say I was unforgettable but I am more often forgotten than not. Still, the good people of Switzerland almost sent me flowers, golden ones, but I prefer deep purple.”

You can find all the clues from The Masked Singer Australia episode one here.

The biggest clues from episode two:

  • Rooster – “Some people see me as untamed, I’m okay with that. Maybe that’s why I’m so close to doing all the dumb things. Family is important to me, privately and publicly, but I don’t like to do a big song and dance about it. As a child, I learned about attitude. It’s kept me out of the darkest places, except once: a place without a chandelier.”
  • Tiger – “I’m the Tiger, beautiful but powerful and dangerous. Although I am a Tiger, I do have links to lions. Either way, I love nature. The thunder doesn’t scare me, I just block it from my mind. But I do prefer the sun. I’m comfortable in the jungle, or even a nature strip.”
  • Snapdragon – “I’m Snapdragon and I’ve got the looks and the bite. Snapdragons may not breathe fire, but we are determined. The world of flowers is tough, we compete for our time in the sun but even then, you don’t really see me as I am. That’s why some people call me mysterious.”
  • Caterpillar – “My empire is far and wide. I’ve travelled the world without travelling far at all. You can find me on the road and even in the air, I’m always on the move. I’ve been a scholar, I’ve also been a world champion, but not what you think.”
  • Popcorn – “I went from nothing to huge in the blink of an eye, or that’s how it seems to you but there’s a lot of work in being an overnight success. Wikipedia says Popcorn’s ancestors come from Mexico, I don’t think that’s true, but maybe it is because I’ve been in a lot of places. It’s hard to know where home is, if I got stuck on a desert island who would I want to be with? Kylie of course, and Lady Gaga.”

Find all the clues here.

The biggest clues from episode three:

  • Mirrorball – “I’m the Mirrorball and I hate to be in the dark. Am I dirty? No, that’s someone else, so be cool okay? You don’t think I measure up? I think I do. I was on thin ice for a while, but eventually, you have to do you. As a kid, I was really competitive. As an adult, not everyone likes that but I’m sick of running someone else’s race. I’m Mirrorball and my voice will be heard!”
  • Zombie – “Zombies travel the entire world but mostly East-West. I had a life before being a Zombie, and another life after. Now, I’ve turned a page and all I want is brains, brains! Zombies love animals, but cats are too disappointing! There’s no shame in coming third, well that’s what I tell myself, but it came with a job that I would literally die for. I’m the Zombie and I’m going to eat the competition alive!”
  • Blowfly – “I’m Blowfly and you can find me all over Australia. I fought real hard to get to the top of my little hill, or am I king of the mountain? I’m never afraid to ask the tough questions, or to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. I know I can be loud, maybe a bit wild and it almost cost me family some important jewellery. I’ve spent my time in the sun, including some of my darkest days, but I am a phoenix. I’m the Blowfly and I’m buzzing to win The Masked Singer.”
  • Thong – “I’m Thong, and I’m elastic like rubber! Nobody notices Thongs, that’s fine by me! It worked in my favour big time! That looks tender. My childhood dreams faded, but art can imitate life. I love this car! It’s ageless and doesn’t need to spend much time in the garage. I’m a cleanskin now, but I wasn’t always. I’m Thong, and I will be champion again!”

All the clues here.

The biggest clues from episode four:

  • Rooster: I’m Rooster, and you can describe me as cocksure. What’s my pedigree? Funny, but it’s all the way back to Ancient Rome. I come from a short line of almost-royalty. I’m not a battery chook, I need freedom! I have a vision of seeing the whole world from the city, to the outback. I was discovered long after everyone knew me, knew me, knew me, knew me… I’m Rooster, and I’ve got plenty to crow about!
  • Snapdragon: When my voice is heard people don’t say ‘shh’ but that doesn’t mean I’m not adventurous. Travelling the seas doesn’t scare this Snapdragon. Snapdragons can be found across most of the world, we’re universal. I’ve been transplanted from my original home, but I’m never far from my father. Maybe you think all Snapdragons are the same, we’re not. But I owe a lot to another flower. Maybe we share the same roots? I’m Snapdragon, and I’m the bloomin’ best Masked Singer.
  • Popcorn: When you’re a Popcorn, you’ve got to have the moves. Am I an American boy? Let me spell it out for you: I’m welcome everywhere and I want everyone to feel welcome wherever they are. Am I stylish? Others think so, but sometimes it ends super badly when I hang out with the fashionistas… even bloody! Ow. Do I stick my nose in other people’s business? Of course I do, it’s a bit of an obsession. I’m Popcorn and I’m ready to go off!
  • Tiger: I am Tiger, and no one will cur my appeal. Am I manly? I have been most of my life, especially 2003. I’ve often been the front but just as much time in the back and I have had my success in Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, London and Singapore… and in the desert too. I’m the Tiger, and I’m ready to roar!

Check out the full list of clues here.

The biggest clues from episode five:

  • Microphone: “I’m Microphone and I’m here to bring some real glamour. I didn’t start in a place like this, in fact, I took quite a different path and doubted my own abilities but I eventually learned to believe in me. Microphones are meant for those special, uplifting moments. We know the dark times too, but you only see the purple patches. I believe you make your own future, but a bit of luck never hurts either! I was almost involved in a life of crime, and my parents would have been proud! I got two years, but thankfully I had the best lawyer money can buy.”
  • Zombie: “I’m a Zombie but I don’t follow the pack, my teenage years were spent in the golden arches! Now, I have quite a few strings to my bow… yellow and black? I was saving that for myself! What I do is dangerous work, ill health seems to follow zombies wherever they go. I haven’t always had the drive, but I do know my place and my place isn’t doing this. I’m Zombie, and I’m ready for takeoff!”
  • Blowfly: “I’m the Blowfly, and I’ve made a good start to the competition. They say home is where the heart is and maybe the hope, I just know that love will be rewarded fourfold. Is a motorscooter big enough? Not really! I like the power, turn on the gas. I’m Blowfly and I know a lot about records.”
  • Mirrorball: “I’m Mirrorball and I shine every chance I get. I’m not married with children, that was before my time. Finding a good man was hard, I’ve looked everywhere. East and, yes, even west. Let me tell you, dating is no laughing matter. Let’s not dance around the issue, I was the odd one out for years. Am I on a vendetta? I’m not saying, I’m too sweet! I have my heroes, I followed their examples but did it all myself. Who can you rely on? Only your family and an Aussie. I’m Mirrorball and I’m not saying goodbye tonight!”

The biggest clues from episode six:

  • Gnome: “Hi, I’m Gnome and I’m bringing the magic to this competition. I do love a green and pleasant land, but I’m more of a city Gnome, it is my garden of earthly delights. This is where you will find my desires. Not every Gnome gets involved in politics, but I do know a lot about presidential voting! Don’t confuse me with a goblin, we only have the name in common and it makes me double boiling mad! Tonight the Gnome is coming on hot!”
  • Snapdragon: “I’m Snapdragon and I’m in my element in the Masked Singer. Although I might feel like a babushka doll. As a Snapdragon, you never know what you’ll be asked to do. One day the public showers you with love and the next you’re heading for a downfall. Ow! Snapdragons come in all colours of the rainbow. My childhood was quite golden. I’m Snapdragon, and I’m a natural to win The Masked Singer!”
  • Rooster: “As Rooster I never want to be a bore, I want to entertain whether it’s putting boot to leather or putting on a g-string. I love New York, if you can make it there you can also make it anywhere, even Alice Springs! If you move around as much as I do, I’d like to say welcome to wherever you are. Sometimes you just don’t measure up, all I know is I did it my way. I’m Rooster, and in this competition, it’s all about me!”
  • Popcorn: “Am I spiritual? A lot of my class are, but don’t think I’m a cleanskin, I use a lot of ink. I started young, well younger than most but not my hero. That’s when I went from being a Maltser to Popcorn! The people of Europe love Popcorn, Northern Europe especially, even if it makes them a bit phlegm-ish! I’m Popcorn, and I’ll get salty if I don’t win this competition!”

More clues here.

Celebrity guesses for The Masked Singer 2022

We’ve started to see some of the masks come off for our beloved performers, but how are Australia’s guessing skills? Here’s what people are thinking about The Masked Singer‘s celebrity line-up.

  • Blowfly: The judges have guessed Rob Shehadie, Merv Hughes and Shannon Noll. Twitter thinks it’s Shannon Noll.
  • Mirrorball: The judges have guessed Samantha Jade, Anna Kendrick, Nicole Richie and Pamela Anderson. Twitter thinks it’s Melody Thornton from the Pussycat Dolls.
  • Popcorn: The judges have guessed Dean Lewis, Pieter van den Hoogenband, and Ruel. Twitter thinks it’s Sam Sparro.
  • Rooster: The judges have guessed Ronan Keating, Hugh Sheridan, Mick Molloy and Macklemore. Twitter thinks it’s Hugh Sheridan. There have also been mentions of Grant Denyer.
  • Snapdragon: The judges have guessed Mika, Adam Lambert, Sam Smith and Calum Scott. Twitter also thinks it’s Sheldon Riley.
  • Zombie: The judges guessed Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Rachel McAdams, Bec Hewitt and Emma Watkins. Twitter also thinks it’s Emma Watkins (Wiggle).
  • Microphone: The judges have guessed Michelle Williams, Brandy, Sarah Ferguson and Halsey. Twitter thinks it’s Jessica Mauboy or Michelle Williams.
  • Gnome: The judges guessed Goran Ivanišević, Buddy Franklin, Tim Robards and Matt Preston.

Celebrity reveals

Masked Singer Australia 2022Spoilers ahead here, people. 

This is where we’ll keep track of every celebrity reveal we see during The Masked Singer Australia 2022.

The first celebrity to be revealed was our dashing Knight. Since then, we’ve had a handful more of our Masked Singers’ identities uncovered.

Ready to read more?

Following his performance of ‘Bad Habits’ by Ed Sheeran, the Knight was revealed to be Ryan Maloney (Toadie) of Neighbours. Did you guess correctly?

After a joyful performance of ‘Cloudy Day’ by Tones and I, the Caterpillar was revealed to be the iconic athlete Lisa Curry.

Thong was unmasked after performing ‘Footloose’ and ‘So What’, revealing she is actually actress and Survivor champion Pia Miranda.

Tiger was eliminated from the competition after performing a version of ‘In the Air Tonight’ and was unmasked, revealing he was Jamie Durie (like everyone thought).

After performing a moving rendition of ‘Creep’, Zombie was unmasked to reveal the delightful Emma Watkins – like so many of us thought.

Gnome was only around for a short time, and after performing ‘Believer’, was revealed to be Matt Preston.

More on the celebrity reveals here.

When and where can we watch The Masked Singer Australia in 2022?

All the Major Clues and Celebrity Reveals for the Masked Singer Australia So Far
The Masked Singer Australia Credit: Network 10

The Masked Singer Australia airs Sunday through Tuesday at 7.30 pm on 10 and 10 play on demand.

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