10 of the Most Anticipated Books to Bury Your Nose in This Month

10 of the Most Anticipated Books to Bury Your Nose in This Month
Image: Lifehacker Australia
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Bookworms, glorious Spring is on the horizon and boy oh boy is this a great month for new book releases. Our To Read pile is positively brimming with riveting new releases, from a new read by #BookTok sensation Taylor Jenkins Reid to a touching autobiography by AFL legend, Eddie Betts.

Our book of the month is Isaac and The Egg by debut author, Bobbly Palmer. Out of all the new book releases we’ve read this month, it’s one that’s stayed with us. A touching novel that will have you raising an eyebrow in suspicion on one page, howling with laughter on the next before sobbing in a much-needed catharsis. Picture all of that on repeat for the duration of the book.

Now let’s stick our noses into the best new book releases coming out this month.

Best new fiction book releases to read this month

Isaac and the Egg by Bobby Palmer

Isaac and the Egg
Image: Headline

About this book:

This is one of those books where you’re going to have to just trust the author and go with it. Mad, sad and laugh-out-loud funny, Isaac and The Egg is about a grieving man who finds a mysterious egg in the forest and decides to take it home. When the Egg comes to life, Isaac isn’t sure if everything he’s experiencing is real or a byproduct of his trauma.

On par with the genius of Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library, prepare yourself for its heart-wrenching ending.

Release date: August 9

Where to buy: Amazon ($25.07) | Booktopia ($26.25) | QBD ($32.99)

Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Carrie Soto is Back
Image: Random House UK

About this book:

In the latest addition to Taylor Jenkin Reid’s universe, Carrie Soto is Back centres on a retired tennis champion who wants to reclaim her previously unbeatable record from an up-and-coming new player.

Carrie returns to the game at 37-years-old, fuelled with ferocity and determination. With a body that doesn’t work like it used to, Carrie must swallow her pride and train with a man she once opened her heart to if she wants to reclaim her record in a blaze of glory.

Release date: August 30

Where to buy: Amazon ($16) | Booktopia ($22.95) | QBD ($22.99)

The Book Eaters by Sunyi Dean

The Book Eaters
Image: Voyager

About this book:

This highly-anticipated read is a deliciously dark Gothic story about a secret race of people who eat books. Yes, you read that right. And not in the way that we devour books for pleasure. To them, a spy novel can taste like a peppery snack and romance novels are sweet and delicious.

Any book, map, or piece of paper they devour will allow them to instantly retain all of its content. Imagine eating a page from a dictionary and remembering the definitions of all the words. Or a map so you can remember every destination and never get lost again.

The Book Eaters follows the story of Devon, a member of one of its oldest and reclusive clans. Like all book eater women, she is raised on a diet of fairytales and cautionary tales, but when she learns that her son has a different kind of hunger – for human minds – she must find a cure for his appetite, or watch him be turned into a weapon by her own family.

Perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline and Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi.

Release date: August 18

Where to buy: Amazon ($12.99 – Kindle only at this time) | Booktopia ($36.25) | eBay ($51.99)

The Couple Upstairs by Holly Wainwright

the couple upstairs
Image: MacMillan Australia

About this book:

There’s something about the act of voyeurism that lures us all in. We’re all sticky beaks who want to watch other people’s lives, whether that’s veiled behind a screen or by peeping at our neighbours from over the fence. In The Couple Upstairs, the main character in this thriller is not so different.

Five months after Mel kicked her husband out of her apartment, a young man who eerily reminds her of a past lover moves in upstairs. When his travelling girlfriend joins him soon after, Mel’s curiosity about the couple turns into an obsession.

Release date: August 30

Where to buy: Amazon ($24.99) | Booktopia ($26.25) | QBD ($24.99)

Best cookbooks to pick up this month

Persiana Everyday by Sabrina Ghayour

persiana everyday
Image: Aster

About this book:

Filled with over 100 Middle Eastern dishes, the golden girl of Persian cookery will teach you how to prep quick meals full of flavour. Whether you need a midweek one-pot recipe when you can’t be bothered washing up, or some no-cook miracles, Ghayour has got you covered.

Make sure you check out her recipes for fried feta parcels with honey, her speedy lamb shawarma and for dessert, her rhubarb, rose and trifle pots.

Release date: August 9

Where to buy: Amazon ($29) | Booktopia ($30.95) | QBD ($39.99)

Best non-fiction new book releases to read this month

How To Plant A Room And Grow A Happy Home by Morgan Doane and Erin Harding

how to plant a room
Image: Laurence King Publishing

About this book:

Written by the minds behind @houseplantclub, How To Plant A Room will teach you how to have a well-planted home regardless of whether you’re a novice or born with a green thumb.

This book features all sorts of fun and easy projects, from enviable plant shelves to decorative terrariums and hanging plant features. Each page will walk you through the process step-by-step with photographs, so you can clearly visualise what you’re doing. An ideal read for plant hobbyists or those who want to give their room a green makeover.

Release date: August 9

Where to buy: Amazon ($20) | Booktopia ($30.25) | QBD ($24.99)

The Boy From Boomerang Crescent by Eddie Betts

August new book releases: The Boy from Boomerang Crescent
Image: Simon & Schuster Australia

About this book:

From a self-described “skinny Aboriginal kid” to an AFL legend, The Boy From Boomerang Crescent is Eddie Betts’ life story.

Betts recounts his upbringing in Port Lincoln and Kalgoorie, where racism, drug and alcohol abuse, as well as family violence ran rampant. But his childhood was defined by his family’s closeness and some upheaval, as well as the freedom he and his cousins exploited to the full. After battling his turbulent youth, Betts packs up his life to pursue his football dreams, leading him to become a true AFL giant.

Release date: August 3

Where to buy: Amazon ($24) | Booktopia ($33.80) | eBay ($35) | QBD ($35)

New Crime and Thrillers to read this month

Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney

Daisy Darker
Image: MacMillan

About this book:

This book is your classic locked room mystery with a psychological edge and a spectacular twist. Many Alice Feeney fans will be just as obsessed with her new novel as they were with Rock Paper Scissors and Sometimes I Lie.

On Nana’s 80th birthday, Daisy’s entire family reunites to celebrate on her private island. But at midnight, Daisy’s Nana dies. And when another body washes up on the shore and the tide comes in, the Darker clan are suddenly trapped with a killer in the family.

Release date: August 30

Where to buy: Amazon ($26.25) | Booktopia ($26.25) | QBD ($24.99)

Stay Awake by Megan Goldin

August new book releases
Image: Michael Joseph

About this book:

With a name that jogs scenes from Nightmare on Elm Street, Stay Awake is an electrifying new novel about memory and murder.

When Liv Reese wakes up, she finds herself in the back of a NYC taxi with no idea where she’s going, where’s she been or how she got there in the first place. Her phone is missing, someone else is living in her apartment, there’s a bloody knife in her pocket and the words “Stay Awake” are printed all over her skin.

Now lost and disoriented, Liv realises she can recall nothing from the last two years and that she has to run from a murder she doesn’t remember committing. This thriller unfolds at a breakneck speed and will leave you flicking the pages in desperation to learn what comes next.

Release date: August 16

Where to buy: Amazon ($26.25) | Booktopia ($26.25 – limited signed copies available) | eBay ($34.83) | QBD ($32.99)

New YA & Children’s book releases to read this month

The Brink by Holden Sheppard

August new book releases
Image: The Text Publishing Company

About this book:

A group of friends head on their rite of passage Schoolies trip to a remote island in WA: Leonard, shy and geeky, is concerned he won’t fit in with the cool kids; Kaiya is dealing with pressure to lose her virginity, but all she can worry about is her drug-addicted sister back home; footy jock Mason is struggling with his growing feelings for his best mate; and Jared just wants a week off from his relationship with Val to sleep with as many girls as possible.

The trip takes a shocking turn when Val is drugged and a body washes up on the beach. As the teens’ distrust of one another grows, they each find that they’ll never be the same after a life-changing tragedy.

Release date: August 2

Where to buy: Amazon ($16) | Booktopia ($21.25) | eBay ($29.33)

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