Heartbreak High 2022 Reboot: Who’s Ready for a Little Nostalgia?

Heartbreak High 2022 Reboot: Who’s Ready for a Little Nostalgia?

Lovers of a classic high school drama, look alive because one of the most beloved Aussie takes on the genre, Heartbreak High, is returning to screens. Originally hitting tellies in the ‘90s, Heartbreak High was a cult favourite young adult series that was broadcast in some 70 countries. Now, it’s coming back for a reboot. Here’s everything you need to know about Heartbreak High 2022.

What’s Heartbreak High 2022 about?

Heartbreak High Netflix

Netflix has released a synopsis for the 2022 reboot of Heartbreak High, giving a little more insight into the series.

A discovery makes Amerie an instant pariah at Hartley High, and causes a mysterious and very public rift with her ride-or-die Harper. With her new friends – outsiders Quinni and Darren – Amerie must repair her reputation, while navigating love, sex, and heartbreak.

Can I see a trailer?

Yes, you can! First up, we have a teaser to watch.

In it, we’re offered a glimpse of the colourful, drama-filled world these teens live in. Check it out here.

Since then, however, Netflix had shared its first official trailer for Heartbreak High. Check it out here.

Heartbreak High 2022 cast?

If you’re wondering who is filling out the cast for Heartbreak High 2022, here’s your guide. Ayesha Madon plays Amerie, James Majoos is in the role of Darren, Chloe Hayden plays Quinni, Asher Yasbincek is Harper, Thomas Weatherall plays Malakai and Will McDonald is Ca$h.

What’s the series release date?


If you’re keen to get your eyeballs on the 2022 reboot of Heartbreak High, you can watch it on Netflix when it drops globally on September 14.

In the meantime, you can check out the original series, which is also on Netflix, now.

We’ve also pulled together a list of the best series available on Netflix Australia here.

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