These Are the Hottest Emojis Aussies Are Flirting With

These Are the Hottest Emojis Aussies Are Flirting With

Have you ever used emojis to flirt with someone on a dating app? Maybe a cheeky eggplant emoji or a classic winky face? Well, according to Bumble’s research, turns out a lot of people use emojis when they are trying to flirt.

I must say that I’m guilty of using a couple of emojis when I’m trying to flirt with people. I try to be funny with them but they’re not always interpreted that way…

Flirting with emojis

Bumble’s data gave us a sneak peek at what emojis Aussies used the most on their profiles and how many use them to flirt with each other. Let’s check it out.

How many Aussies flirt using emojis?

Flirting with emojis
These are the emojis used most by Aussies when flirting. Image: Lifehacker Australia

In Australia, around one in five singles admit to flirting through emojis which is mostly driven by Millennials and Gen Z.

Unsurprisingly, in 2021, Aussie men used the fire emoji twice as much as women. Are we shocked by that? Not really.

If only I had a dollar for how many times I have been sent a random fire emoji with absolutely no context, I’d be in Europe with the rest of my Instagram.

On the flip side, women on Bumble used the kiss emoji five times more than men did when flirting. Guess the gals are giving out virtual smooches.

The most popular emoji though? The iconic winky face. Yep, that bad boy was used three times more than the blowing kiss emoji. It was also more popular amongst Millenials who used it 85% more than Gen Z.

I’m shocked that the eggplant emoji wasn’t up there with the most used. But maybe that’s too heavy-handed of an emoji.

What emojis are used most in dating profiles?

Now that we know what emojis are used the most by Aussies when flirting, what ones are used most in their profiles and bios?

According to Bumble, Aussies use of unique emojis has increased but the overall average number of emojis on people’s profile bios has decreased.

The top five emojis that were used by Aussies in 2022 in their dating profiles were the smiley face, the Australian flag (??), the laughing face, the winky face and the classic red love heart.

Please tell me people aren’t using the Australian flag as a way to flirt with others on dating apps.

The emojis Aussies used the most in 2022 in their Bumble profiles. Image: Lifehacker Australia

Bumble also broke down the top five emojis that were used in dating profiles of women, men and non-binary people.

For women, the most used emojis were the smiley face, sparkles, cry laughing, red love heart and puppy emojis.

I guess you really want people to know you have dogs. I must say, I have matched with people just because they have a dog in their pictures, so I guess an emoji works just as well.

For men, the most used emojis were the Australia flag at number one (again?), cry laughter, smiley face, a winky face and the tooth smile emojis.

Why is the Australian flag such a popular choice of emoji for men to use on their dating apps?

Non-binary people were also included in Bumble’s research, which is great to see. Their top emojis in profiles were the trans flag, sparkles, the gay pride flag, a rainbow and the heart face emoji.

On average, women and non-binary people use emojis more than men in their dating app profile bios.

Emojis that were used most by women (top row), men (middle row) and non-binary people (bottom row) on dating app profiles. Image: Lifehacker Australia

What emojis do we use to flirt?

Flirting with emojis was super interesting to me so I wanted to ask around and see what emojis we all use on dating apps and why.

  • “The pleading face emoji, the person doing a kissy face emoji and the suggestive side glance emoji. Men are simple creatures and are susceptible to the most basic of online tools used to charm them” – Michael
  • “None. In fact, people using emojis to flirt gives me the ick. Make it stop.” – Ellie
  • “Peace sign, fearful face and poking tongue out emoji. A peace sign is less weird than a smiley and not quite a heart. The middle is kinda a thirst trap but not quite the pleading sad daddy face. Third is subtle slutty.” – Ash
  • “Devil smiling, face with hearts, cheeky smile emojis. For when I wanna be a brat, a cutie and a suggestive binch hehehehe.”

And there you have it, all the emojis we are using to flirt with people. Which emojis do you use?

Happy flirting, folks!

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