Oh Dio, None of Us Know How to Open a Spaghetti Packet Correctly

Oh Dio, None of Us Know How to Open a Spaghetti Packet Correctly

Today in news you didn’t know you needed to know, chances are that you’re opening packets of spaghetti the wrong way. It’s a simple task, I know. How could you possibly stuff it up? Well, amici, I’m here to tell you that it’s pretty likely that you have.

Don’t feel embarrassed, I am only just learning about this too, and I am basically Josie Alibrandi in the Italian-ness department.

As a recent TikTok video has highlighted, you shouldn’t be opening spaghetti packets with scissors or tearing them open (by hand or with your mouth). Those techniques are redundant because the only tool you need to open a packet of spaghetti pasta is a flat, sturdy surface.

The correct way to open a packet of spaghetti pasta

TikTok creator @Nonna.Elda.Cooks demonstrated the right way to open a packet of spaghetti in a 16-second video that has amassed over 13 million views. It’s that mind-blowing.

In the video, Nonna Elda explains that you should “never cut spaghetti with the scissors”. Then she smoothly and silently bashes the bottom of the pasta packet on her kitchen tabletop, which completely opens it. Her granddaughter, who is filming, audibly gasps and Nonna Elda chuckles at the reaction to her genius move.

You can watch the cooking hack below. It’s pretty damn impressive.


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♬ original sound – Elda 🇮🇹 & Alessandra🌈

Personally, I don’t know how I’ve gone so many years without knowing this spaghetti hack, but you best believe I will be trying it out ASAP.

After you’ve cooked your spaghetti pasta, if you happen to have leftovers – you should totally try turning them into a frittata. It’s genius.

If you want more Italian cooking gems, may I direct your attention toward this recipe for meatballs or polpette, tips for mastering Italian polpette and Stanley Tucci’s family recipe for pasta con aglio e olio next? You’ll thank us later.

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