If You Live on a Ramsay Street, Menulog Wants to Shout You Dinner

If You Live on a Ramsay Street, Menulog Wants to Shout You Dinner

In what might be one of the saddest weeks in Australian television history, Neighbours is officially coming to an end this week. To help celebrate (or mourn), Menulog has joined forces with none other than the iconic Neighbours character Toadie (Ryan Moloney) to shout some lucky fans a free feed.

It really looks like the show is going all out for its final episode. Recently, Booking.com were giving away the opportunity for some Neighbours super fans to stay on the iconic Ramsay Street.

Although the iconic Neighbours Ramsay Street is coming to an end, the namesakes across Australia will still live on thanks to Menulog.

Yes, that’s right, there are actually multiple real-life Ramsay Streets.

To honour the residents of Ramsay Streets across the nation, Menulog are shouting a free dinner to coincide with the Neighbours finale.

How can you claim the Menulog Neighbours deal?

As Toadie says in the video, Menulog will shout all Aussie neighbours living on Ramsay Streets around the nation for a free feed.

If you’re like me, you would have had no idea there even were any other than the famous Erinsborough cul-de-sac.

But upon a quick Google Maps search, turns out there are a lot of Ramsay Streets across Australia. From Haberfield in NSW to Toowoomba in Queensland, all the way over the Karrinyup in WA, there seems to be Ramsay Streets everywhere.

I wonder if they were named before or after Neighbours came out?

Anyways, if you just so happen to be one of the lucky residents on a Ramsay Street, all you have to do is jump onto Menulog and claim your delicious free meal this week.

You’ll be able receive your $20 voucher until Monday 1 August, so you have all week to decide what you want for dinner.

Or as Toadie said, cry into your Menulog korma while watching the final episode of Neighbours. 

If you don’t live on a Ramsay Street? I guess you’ll have to make friends with people who do.

In addition to getting a free meal, Moloney teased that he may even pay a visit to fans over the coming weeks. So, be right back, I’m just trying to figure out how to move to a Ramsay Street.

The final episode of Neighbours will air on Thursday 28 July at 7:30pm on 10 and 10Peach.


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