7 of the Best Laptop Stands to Save Your Neck

7 of the Best Laptop Stands to Save Your Neck
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It’s easy to think that nothing can go wrong while you’re sitting down. After all, how much damage can you do to yourself by staying put in the same place for hours and hours? Surprisingly, it’s more likely than you think. Sitting for long periods of time (and with bad posture) can lead to all sorts of health problems, such as a crook neck or carpal tunnel syndrome. But your chances are significantly decreased if you have a laptop stand.

While you may not think a laptop stand can make a big difference ergonomically, rest assured that it can. Similar to a monitor stand, they work by elevating your screen so you won’t tilt your head down as much, which can lead in neck strain and lower back pain later on.

In fact, if you’ve ever wanted to try standing up while you work without investing in an expensive standing desk, then a laptop stand is an affordable alternative. Some stands also happen to be adjustable, allowing you to elevate it depending on your height and preference.

Owning a laptop stand is also good for your laptop itself since its cooling technology is typically located underneath its keyboard. Those who use their laptops for long periods of time might have noticed that its base can grow very hot. This can happen when its air vents are obstructed by your desk, which in turn, causes the bottom to overheat. If you put your laptop at regular risk of overheating ultimately, it will lead to lowering its lifespan and potentially damage some of its internal components.

Best adjustable laptop stands

Besign Aluminium Adjustable Laptop Riser

Laptop stand
Image: Besign

This stand is ideal for those interested in cooling their laptops while keeping it in arm’s reach.

It can be adjusted up to eye level so you no longer have to crane your head down to stare at your screen.

But if you’re someone who writes all day, pick up an additional wireless keyboard to avoid hovering your arms in mid-air while you type.

Where to buy

Amazon ($36.99)

Boyata Laptop Holder

7 of the Best Laptop Stands to Save Your Neck
Image: BoYata

If you don’t want to invest in an additional keyboard and only need to type occasionally, you won’t have to worry about the wobbles with this stand.

This adjustable stand also sports a whopping 9,700 five-star reviews on Amazon testifying its sturdy design.

Where to buy

Amazon ($49.99)

Folding Portable Laptop Desk

folding laptop stand
Image: Catch

Rather than investing hundreds of dollars into a new desk because you’ve decided you’d rather stand than sit for hours (fair choice), you can simply buy this folding stand for about $40.

Place it on your desk and elevate your laptop to your reach. There’s even a mountable mouse tray so you can work with ease.

The base of the stand is designed for cooling purposes, so that your laptop can automatically dissipate any heat that builds up.

Where to buy

Catch ($42.97)

Best non-adjustable laptop stands

Nulaxy Laptop Stand

7 of the Best Laptop Stands to Save Your Neck
Image: Nulaxy

If you’re happy to forgo an adjustable stand for a static one that will keep your laptop nice and cool, this is the one to beat.

It’ll lift your laptop by six inches, ensuring you won’t suffer as much neck or back strain as before. You can even disassemble this bad boy for easy storage or transportation.

Where to buy

Amazon ($29.99)

Best wooden laptop stands

Collapsible Wooden Laptop Stand

Wooden laptop stand
Image: Cottonon

If you want to add a pop of colour to your desk (because who doesn’t?), Cotton On have a great range of collapsible wooden laptop stands to choose from.

Available in orchid, black, natural, pink or blue, this stand is compatible with most 15-inch laptops and allows for convenient tech storage underneath.

Where to buy

Cotton On ($24.99)

Best vertical laptop stands

Vertical laptop stand

vertical laptop stand
Image: HZonline

On the other end of the spectrum are vertical laptop stands, which are ideal for displaying your PC or moving it out of the way. This vertical stand will hold your laptop firmly in place, preventing it from sustaining any cosmetic scratches.

Where to buy

Amazon ($20.48)

Satechi laptop stand

7 of the Best Laptop Stands to Save Your Neck
Image: Satechi

The next option you can choose to keep your work desk clutter-free is this Satechi vertical stand. It’s made from a durable anodised aluminium with a rubber grip to keep your precious laptop firmly in place.

Where to buy

Catch ($69.99) | eBay ($69.99)