Kath & Kim 20th Anniversary Special Is Coming So Dress Tizzy

Kath & Kim 20th Anniversary Special Is Coming So Dress Tizzy
Image: Just Watch AU

Look alive, all you foxy morons, because we’re apparently getting a Kath & Kim 20th anniversary special.

It’s been reported that Gina Riley (Kim), Jane Turner (Kath), Magda Szubanski (Sharon), Glenn Robbins (Kel) and Peter Rowsthorn (Brett) are back together again and are filming in the NEP studio complex in South Melbourne.

While it’s not yet known what they are actually filming, it’s said to be ‘new material’. As the show’s first season came out in 2002, a whopping 20 years ago, it’s sparked talk of the possibility of them filming an anniversary special.

Twenty years, wow. Doesn’t time go by fast? I grew up with Kath & Kim, and it has become a real source of comfort over the years.

So I, for one, am wrapped to the back teeth about the possibility of getting a Kath & Kim 20th-anniversary special. And more than that, our good friends over at PEDESTRIAN.TV manifested this whole thing before it was widely reported on.

What’s Kath & Kim?

Kath & Kim 20th Anniversary Special Is Coming So Dress Tizzy
Image: IMDb

For those of you unfortunate souls who are unfamiliar with what Kath & Kim is, it’s a show that follows a dysfunctional Aussie family living in regional Melbourne.

Kath and Kim are a mother-daughter duo who constantly bicker and have to navigate their relationship troubles, personal issues and life, all while trying to stay up to date with 2000s Australia.

Kath & Kim is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. I can watch it over and over again (I do) and never get sick of it. It’s also got the best one-liners and is packed full of Aussie humour that no one else in the world understands.

I think a lot of the reason why people love the show is because of how realistic they portrayed Australian culture (read: white families) and how nostalgic it all is.

Sure, they are all heightened caricatures of upper-middle-class bogans, but they are based deeply on reality. Seriously, I have a Kim in my family.

When and where is the Kath & Kim 20th Anniversary special airing?

Kath & Kim 20th Anniversary Special Is Coming So Dress Tizzy
Me waiting for the special. Image: IMDb

As it’s still yet to be officially confirmed, we still don’t know when the Kath & Kim 20th Anniversary special will air, but it’s highly likely that it’ll come to our screens sometime later this year. (Given the anniversary date.)

That also means we still don’t know the official broadcaster that will be attached to the theoretical special.

It’s thought that the three top contenders are the ABC, Seven and Netflix.

But Stan might also be able to snatch it up, given it’s an Aussie-focused streaming service and the show is a national treasure.

The reason why it’s so up in the air is because the show has had many homes over the years.

It first came to Aussie screens in 2002 on the ABC, which commissioned it for two more seasons with 24 episodes in total. The ABC also aired their telemovie, Da Kath & Kim Code, in 2005.

Fun trivia for you: Da Kath & Kim Code was the most-watched movie on Australian TV in 2005, clocking up a whopping 2.1 million viewers across the five capital cities.

Then in 2007, Seven produced and aired the fourth season of the show.

As of 2019, Kath & Kim now lives on Netflix, which has all four seasons with the telemovie and the 2012 feature film, Kath & Kimderella. 

Nowadays, the show is one of the most meme-able things on the internet, with quotes and moments from Kath & Kim being used to comment on present-day happenings.

What can we expect?

Kath and Kim 20th anniversary special
I hope Sharon finds love. Image: IMDb

While we still don’t know exactly what’s happening, it hasn’t stopped me from trying to figure out where the Kath & Kim 20th anniversary special will take the iconic family.

One thing I really hope to see is Sharon, played by Szubanski, finally coming out or at least finding someone to love.

I’d also love to see Kath and Kel as solid as ever as they age gracefully through the turbulence that has been the past 15 years. Meanwhile, I’m sure we will see Kim and Brett still fighting and threatening divorce.

Whether they will touch on the world of COVID or if they will take us to another time period is still unknown. I have my doubts that they will bring it back to the early 2000s, but it would be amazing to see all the iconic outfits again.

Only time will tell, you horn bags.

While we wait, you can watch all seasons (and two movies) of Kath & Kim on Netflix

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