Here’s What the 10 Highest-Paid TV Actors Earn per Episode, and I’m Not Crying Into My Mi Goreng at All

Here’s What the 10 Highest-Paid TV Actors Earn per Episode, and I’m Not Crying Into My Mi Goreng at All

If you want to read something that’ll make these trying times feel even more frustrating, a list of the highest-paid TV actors in Hollywood will probably do it for ya. Variety has gone and chatted with a long list of TV talent agents, curating a rather robust guide to the pay packets our favourite TV actors receive.

In the article, Variety highlighted that 1 million dollars per episode (yes, that figure the stars of Friends received all those years ago) remains the apparent peak of earning for TV actors; the only difference now is that more people seem to have reached that peak. Which, you know, is good for those wealthy actors… kicking goals and such. Must be nice to never wince in anticipation when using Apple Pay, hey?


Of the list the publication shared, there were 10 actors who emerged as the clear highest earners. Any guesses who they might be? Never mind, we’ve shared them in a list for you below.

10 of the highest-paid actors in TV right now

highest paid actors
10 of the highest paid TV actors in 2022. Credit The Pilot, Apple TV

Before we dive into this list of the highest-paid TV actors of the moment, we should mention there are a fair few ties in this list. In fact, there is only one actor who is not sitting in a tied position.

In any case, these are still your 10 biggest earners.

  • Mahershala Ali, The Pilot – $1.3M per episode
  • Kevin Costner, Yellowstone – $1.3M per episode
  • Elisabeth Moss, Shining Girls – $1.1M per episode
  • Sylvester Stallone, Tulsa King – $1M per episode
  • Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso – $1M per episode
  • Paul Rudd, The Shrink Next Door – $1M per episode
  • Will Ferrell, The Shrink Next Door – $1M per episode
  • Helen Mirren, 1923 – $1M per episode
  • Harrison Ford, 1923 – $1M per episode
  • Michael Keaton, Dopesick – $1M per episode

Unsurprisingly, only two of the top 10 highest-paid TV actors in Hollywood right now are women. But it’s worth noting that in the full list, all top-billed actors appear to have come in at the same episode per salary.

In terms of distributors investing the most, Apple TV productions appeared on the highest-paid actor list far more than any other service, though Paramount+ and Netflix definitely had a few spots on there, too. Variety noted that this approach was part of Apple’s goal to establish itself as a streaming player, and may ease off the spending going forward.

I guess the only thing left to ask is, do you think these performances are worth it? One thing’s for sure, folks on the internet are certain that Jason Sudekis is deserving of every penny.


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