National French Fry Day: Where You Can Score Cheap Chips in Australia

National French Fry Day: Where You Can Score Cheap Chips in Australia

We sure do love celebrating our favourite foods by giving them national days, and the next one on the list is French Fry Day on July 13 (or hot chips, here in Australia).

French fries are no doubt the ultimate side to go with any meal and are a weak spot for many of us. Who could turn down a cheeky chip? No one.

Just like National burger day, restaurants around the country are slinging some hot (chip) deals in celebration of french fry day. We’ve rounded up where you find a decent offer here in Australia.

Lord of the Fries deals

The Aussie vegan fast food joint, Lord of the Fries, is living up to its name with an epic french fry deal.

On July 13, Lord of the Fries will be giving out shoestring fries with a classic sauce for free. However, you can only nab this deal for one hour between 4 and 5 pm on Wednesday – so don’t miss out!

All Aussie Lord of the Fries stores will be participating – you can find your nearest store here.

Deliveroo National French Fry day deals

In honour of National French Fry day, delivery service Deliveroo conducted a poll and found that 55% of Aussies prefer thick-cut fries over shoestring. They’re wrong, but whatever.

Thanks to that result, from July 11-24th those ordering thick-cut fries from NeNe Chicken, Burger Project (NSW) and the Famous Fries from WA’s Chicken Treat can receive 99c delivery on their order.

Hungry Jacks is also offering 30% off the full menu, including the fries, for one week from July 11-17 with Deliveroo.

Carl’s Jr. deals

The American burger chain, Carl’s Jr., has been making a name for itself since it landed in Australia. The restaurant will also be joining in on National Fry Day with a buy one get one free deal.

Basically, Carls Jr will double your order of french fries with every in-store or drive-through purchase, while stocks last. This is only available with natural-cut fries FYI.

Find your local store here.

Guzman y Gomez french fry deals

Even everyone’s favourite Mexican joint, Guzman y Gomez has some french fries to offer. GYG’s Cali Burritos are stuffed with skin-on potato fries making it a healthy (healthier?) way to enjoy your fried snack.

The restaurant also offers Nacho Fries, Queso fries and plain old Mexican seasoned fries as well.

These are all the deals on french fries announced so far but we’ll update this post if any more pop up. Happy snacking!


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