5 Easy Ways to Care For Your Clothing So It Lasts Longer

5 Easy Ways to Care For Your Clothing So It Lasts Longer
Contributor: Eilish Gilligan
This article is sponsored by Westinghouse.

Every wardrobe needs a refresh every few years, but with purse strings tightening across the country, many Aussies are looking for ways to keep their clothes wearable for longer.

Turns out, there are some simple things we can do to prevent wear and tear. Your clothes will thank you.

From reading your care tags and correctly storing your clothes, to finally learning what all those knobs on your washing machine really do, here are six easy ways to care for your clothing so it lasts longer. Now you can enjoy your favourite sweater for many more years to come.

Read the care tag

Most clothes have a care tag that tells you exactly how to wash the item — and a lot of people will end up ignoring those instructions entirely. Washing your clothes according to the manufacturers’ instructions will ensure that you don’t shrink or otherwise damage the item in the washing process.

Learn your washing machine

Every washing machine is going to be different. Many newer machines have specific functions to ensure your clothes are washed thoroughly but gently, as washing itself can cause damage to clothing in many different ways. Getting your head around your machine’s functions will help you choose the best cycle for your load.

If you spend time learning each function, you’ll find that there’s a wide variety of cycles available. For example, the Westinghouse 10kg EasyCare front load washer has a Plus Hygiene function that will not only clean your clothes, but also neutralise 99% of selected common household allergens and bacteria*. Overdoing the detergent to try and clean extra-dirty clothes can actually leave residue that damages them. So, with this function, now you can disinfect your clothes during a wash while keeping detergent to a minimum.

Always use a laundry bag for delicates

It’s tempting to just pop the washing on without placing delicates in a laundry bag, but this really does put them at much higher risk of snagging or deteriorating, especially over time. Laundry bags are affordable and will save you hundreds in replacing ruined delicates.

Dry clean less often

Dry cleaning includes chemicals that can harm fabrics in the long term, contributing to the deterioration of your clothes. Getting your clothes dry cleaned often isn’t great for them — and it’s pretty pricey too.

With modern washing machines as sophisticated as they are, now you can achieve similar results at home — but definitely be sure to leave more complicated items, like suits, to the dry cleaning experts.

Store your clothes correctly

Did you know that wire hangers will often stretch out the shoulders of heavier garments? Wooden hangers are a better option for all your hangable clothes. Heavier sweaters and jumpers should also be folded to stop them from losing their shape.

Ensure that your wardrobe and drawers are cool and dry — it’s best not to store your clothes in potentially damp places like the bathroom or laundry.

*Tested on certain harmful allergens and germs: K. pneumoniae, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus


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