The At-Home Pilates Equipment That’ll Elevate Your Workout

The At-Home Pilates Equipment That’ll Elevate Your Workout
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If you’ve been absolutely anywhere on TikTok as of late, you’ll know that Pilates has been having a real ~moment~ over the last few months. Now, if you’re not a regular in the studio, it’s basically an epic low-impact workout that’s both functional and challenging. It’s also really fun, and most people love it because of how accessible it is. For example, you can do it from the comfort of your own home with a limited amount of experience — and the results are still excellent.

You can also do it with as little equipment as a mat or challenge yourself with various pieces of equipment like bands, rings, balls, sliders and hand weights. All of which either assist with increasing flexibility during your workout or help to build strength and tone your muscles. 

Whether you’ve just signed up for online pilates classes or you already practice regularly, we’ve rounded up a list of equipment that’s worth having on hand so that you can get the most out of your workout. 

The Best At-Home Pilate Equipment

Pilates Bands

pilates equipment
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Let’s start with an easy one, Pilates bands. You’ve probably already used pilates bands like these GANA Resistance Loop Bands during other workouts and will similarly use them when it comes to Pilates. We recommend you get yourself a set that offers a few different types of resistance — light, medium, heavy, extra heavy. This way, as you get stronger, you have fresh ways to challenge yourself.

You can buy a set of the GANA Resistance Loop Bands ($11.99) from Amazon here.

A Mini Pilates Ball

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Personally, I love adding a mini pilates ball to my pilates workout for an additional challenge. A ball helps to activate those little muscle groups that often don’t get engaged during other exercises. They’re great for targeting arms, abdomen, butt and thighs, and are a great prop when you’re looking to reduce the intensity or assist with your range of motion in some exercises.

You can buy a Mold Fun Mini Pilates Ball ($29.62) from Amazon here.

Pilates Ring

pilates ring
Image: Amazon

Pilates rings or magic circles are a great piece of Pilates equipment for providing resistance during your workout. They’re often made from high-quality plastic with two adjacent padded grips for comfortable handling. The two padded handles on either side let you push in or out or squeeze it between whatever parts of your body you’re working — arms, legs, abs etc.

You can buy a 66fit Pilates Ring ($27.50) from Amazon here.

Pilates Sliders

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I wish we were talking about mini burgers here. Instead, we’re talking about mini burners. Sliders are small, unassuming little discs that can quickly turn up the challenge on any floor exercise. When used correctly, sliders work every part of your body — arms, legs, core, chest and of course, your glutes!

You can buy the Synergee Sliders ($46.76) from Amazon here.

Wearable Weights

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Wearable weights like Bala Bangles are fast becoming popular among the pilates community as they’re an easy way to up the intensity of your Pilates workout. You simply slide them on your legs or wrists and complete your exercises as you usually would, only with added resistance.

You can buy a set of Bala Bangles ($75) from Amazon here.

Pilates Bar Kit

pilates bar
Image: Amazon

Raise the bar on your Pilates workout with this kit. Pilates bars are an easy way to add a challenging strength component to your regular workout.

You can buy the Pilates Bar Kit ($71.63) from Amazon here.

A Pilates mat

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If you’re in need of a little extra motivation to get on the mat, this beautiful mat from Yoga Peach Club is it. How could you not wanna work out on a mat this beautiful?! This mat is made with non-slip and super grip technology to help reduce slipping or injury. It also has an absorbent top layer, so you don’t need to worry about a sweaty mat.

You can buy the Yoga Peace Club Aqua Enchanted Garden Mat + Strap ($129.99) from Yoga Peach Club here.

At-Home Reformers

reformer bed
Image: Amazon

Depending on your budget and how committed you are to Pilates, one piece of Pilates equipment that could be worth investing in is an at-home reformer. As someone who has one, I cannot recommend them enough, especially if you already know your way around a reformer. They’re surprisingly affordable, and you can get foldable ones that are easy to assemble and even easier to store. This AreoPilates one has pretty decent reviews on Amazon (4.5 average) and is reasonably priced at $2044.

You can buy the AeroPilates Reformer Plus 379 ($2,008.39) from Amazon here.

Non-Slip Pilates Socks 

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While these definitely aren’t a massive essential when it comes to your foray into the pilates space, if you tend to get super sweaty feet while working out or just want a bit more grip/support when doing your exercises on the reformer bed, mat or foot bar, these little non-slip socks will work a treat.

You can buy the Non-Slip Pilates Socks ($18.45) from Amazon here.

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