The 6 Best Food Processors That’ll Chop, Slice and Dice Like a Dream

The 6 Best Food Processors That’ll Chop, Slice and Dice Like a Dream
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If the heavy rain has you stranded in your home twiddling your thumbs all day, it might be time to start looking for a temporary hobby. While we truly tried to nurture our artistic sides with painting and mindfulness colouring, it was cooking and putting a newfound effort into whipping up some neat winter weeknight meals that got us out of our rut. From stews to soups, lasagne, and tacos, there’s a world of recipes out there waiting to be made — all of which made were easy with our new favourite winter appliance: the trusty food processor.

If you’re here because you’re in the market for one yourself this wet season, it’s wise to start with a few considerations, like what do you actually need out of your machine? This includes things like capacity. For example, do you have a large family? Will you be cooking in bulk so you can freeze it? This will determine the size of what you’ll be looking for. Some additional factors you should think about are whether you want a food processor that has a bunch of extra features like interchangeable blades, a chopping and dicing function, blending capabilities, or just a no-frills, simple model.

With these considerations in mind, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up six of the best food processors in Australia to ensure when you invest in this winter warmer, you do it right.

The best food processors in Australia

KitchenAid 7-Cup Food Processor


For beginners and experienced users alike, this KitchenAid food processor is a dream to use. With 300 watts, a one-click, leakproof bowl and an easy-to-store compact design, this baby is for those of you who like the sound of a no-frills option that does its job. It also comes with three-speed options that you can tailor to whatever you’re cooking at the time — be it a smoothie, soup or something else all together.

Where to buy: eBay via KitchenAid’s official store ($198.55 with code ‘BRANDS5OFF’, usually $299), Amazon ($396.24)

Ninja Food Processor

best food processor australia

With over 4,000 positive ratings and a 4.7 rating out of five to show for it, this Ninja food processor has been described as having super sharp blades, a solid locking mechanism, 850 watts (making it much more powerful than the KitchenAid one), a 2.1L capacity, four intelligent food processing settings at the single touch of a button and so much more, including a chopping blade, a dough tool and a grating disk. So, while it’s still on the more basic, no-frills side in the scheme of food processor options, it gets the job done — and well.

Where to buy: eBay via Bing Lee’s official store ($129 with code ‘NSHOGA’, usually $139), Amazon ($186.89)

Philips Daily Collection Compact

Thanks to its powerful 700-watt motor for effortless processing and fast preparation, having one of these Philips food processors means you only need to conduct minimal pre-cutting to get the job done — which is great for those who love to put their meals on autopilot.

When it comes to settings, this baby also takes things up a notch with more than 16 different functions, meaning there’s no limit on what you can make. Think: kneading, whisking, shredding, slicing and more. You’ve also got a 1.5L capacity for those bulk soup recipes that’ll last you all winter.

Where to buy: eBay via Appliance Online’s official store ($139 with code ‘NSHOGA’, usually $149), Amazon ($199.99)

Sunbeam Multi Processor

best food processor australia

Aside from looking pretty (like come on, look how aesthetic and sleek this looks?), this baby offers 14 uses, from simple stuff like chopping and grating to more complex features like mincing and emulsifying. With a 2L mixing bowl and 800 watts, it’s also strong in both capacity and power.

Where to buy: eBay via Bing Lee’s official store ($135 with code ‘SNSHOGA’, usually $145), Amazon ($139, usually $159)

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Pro Food Processor

If you’re a single-person household or just have a small apartment with little storage space, it’s not worth buying something massive. That’s where this Cuisinart mini comes in. With a 900l bowl, this baby is about half the size of a regular processor and is great for whipping out to cut onions (tears, no longer!), make baby puree or create smaller portions of sauce and salad dressings.

Now, just because it’s small, don’t underestimate its abilities. Why? This mini food chopper can mince and grind as well. The best part is that it’s also got a dishwasher-safe bowl which minimises some of the pain associated with cleaning your processor.

Where to buy: eBay via Peter’s of Kensington’s official store ($78 with code ‘NSHOGA’, usually $119), Amazon ($117.82)

Breville The Kitchen Wizz Food Processor

best food processor australia

On the total opposite end of the spectrum, if you happen to be chopping up some heavy-duty stuff, this Breville ‘Wizz’ food processor lives up to its name, boasting 1000 watts. This means you can chuck whole veggies in without cutting them, as well as meats and more knowing this appliance has the power to do the job. It’s also got an 11-cup capacity for dry foods and an eight-cup capacity for liquids, so yes, your stew and soup mix will fit seamlessly. Thank us later.

Where to buy: Catch ($228), Amazon ($379, usually $438.90)

Now that you’re sorted with our list of the best food processors in Australia, it’s time to head over to our next favourite winter cooking essential — slow cookers!


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