Here Are The Best Documentaries To Stream On Amazon Prime Australia Right Now

Here Are The Best Documentaries To Stream On Amazon Prime Australia Right Now
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Sometimes your brain just isn’t in the right place to follow the narrative of a TV show or movie. Maybe you actually want to learn something tonight after you log off your work emails! Check out our list of the best documentaries on Amazon Prime to stream right now.

Best documentaries on Amazon Prime

The best documentaries on Prime Video.
The best documentaries on Amazon Prime Video.


LuLaRich follows the story of LuLaRoe, an American clothing company and multi-level marketing company— otherwise known as a pyramid scheme. Hear fascinating first-hand accounts from victims of LuLaRoe while learning the full origin story of the company. Strap in, this one gets pretty wild.

Kick Like Tayla

Almost every Aussie would have seen that incredible photo of Tayla Harris kicking the footy by now. You know, the one that sparked all that misogynistic backlash and trolling. Kick Like Tayla gives the audience an insight into Tayla’s life as a professional AFLW player and boxer, and the personal struggles she has faced to get where she is today. An illuminating and touching watch.

Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown

This is definitely one for the foodies. In Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain travels to far-off destinations to taste the food and, most importantly, talk to and learn from the locals. Bourdain had a truly special knack for connecting with anyone he met and introducing audiences to new ways of life. You’ll definitely learn something new with Parts Unknown.

Best haunted documentaries

best documentaries on amazon prime
The best documentaries on Amazon Prime Video.


Have you ever wondered where your favourite horror stories really came from? Lore can tell you. Based on the podcast of the same name, Lore is a horror anthology series that uses cinematic and documentary footage to tell the origin stories of vampires, werewolves, changelings and more.

Ancient Aliens

Now this one is in documentary format, but has copped a little criticism for presenting hypothesis as fact — so perhaps exercise a little discretion while watching. Regardless, Ancient Aliens is a fun watch. It covers UFOs, alien abductions and various other conspiracy theories — just be sure to take everything with a grain of salt.

Hunt For The Skinwalker

This is another one for alien enthusiasts. Hunt For The Skinwalker follows the intense study of Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, a teeming hotspot of ‘paranormal’ activity. An expensive and extensive study of the area began in 1996, spearheaded by an eccentric billionaire, and Hunt For The Skinwalker documents the findings.

Best true crime on Amazon Prime

The best documentaries on Amazon Prime Video.

Death Row Stories

Narrated by Susan Sarandon, Death Row Stories offers sobering insight into the minds of prisoners on death row in America. This series provides information about the state of the American legal system and what it’s really like to have your life on the line on death row.

Nightmare Next Door

best documentaries on amazon prime video
The best documentaries on Amazon Prime Video

This is definitely one for the true crime buffs out there. Nightmare Next Door documents the murders that rocked American small towns. This show describes the evil that can lurk within even the most tight-knit communities. Interviews with law enforcement and residents help piece together the mysteries.

Pharma Bro

Pharma Bro documents the life of Martin Shkreli, the entrepreneur and pharmaceutical investor from New York who raised the price of an AIDS drug by 5500 per cent overnight. The eccentric millionaire also purchased the sole copy of a Wu-Tang Clan album for $2 million, and was convicted of securities fraud. Labelled “the most hated man in America”, this is a fascinating watch.

With a little something for absolutely everyone’s taste, these are the very best documentaries Amazon Prime Video has to offer right now. Go on, get streaming!


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