ALDI’s Latest Special Buys Will Set You up for Winter Camping

ALDI’s Latest Special Buys Will Set You up for Winter Camping
Image: ALDI

As we’re sure you’ve noticed by now, we love a good ALDI Special Buys here at Lifehacker Australia. Another iteration of this glorious shopping event is kicking off on Saturday, July 9, and this time it’s all about the outdoors.

The collection will include a range of items for your next winter hike including water-repellant puffer jackets, sleeping bags, backpacks and snuggle hoodies. There’s even a GPS fitness watch that tracks your sleep, notifies you of messages and has up to 7 days of standby battery time, all for less than $100. Bargain!

You can check out the full list of deals available during ALDI’s next Special Buys sale below.

ALDI’s Outdoor Adventure Special Buys sale

aldi special buys outdoor
Image: ALDI

Outdoor Adventure Special Buys items:

  • Adult’s Snuggle Hoodie – $29.99
  • Children’s Snuggle Hoodie – $19.99
  • Hiking Backpack – $34.99
  • Men’s Down Jacket – $49.99
  • Women’s Down Jacket – $49.99
  • GPS Fitness Watch – $79.99
  • Down Sleeping Bag – $129
  • Adult’s Headlamp – $5.99
  • Kid’s Headlamp – $5.99
  • Adult’s Merino Hiking Socks (2 pack) – $11.99
  • Adult’s Winter Gloves – $12.99
  • Outdoor First Aid Kit – $14.99
  • New! Solar Powered Trekking Torch – $19.99
  • Dry Duffle Bag – $19.99
  • Ultralight Hiking Chair – $24.99
  • Stanley Insulated Drink Bottles – $26.99
  • Adult’s Merino Short Sleeve Tee – $26.99
  • Adult’s Hiking Top – $29.99
  • Adult’s Down Vest – $29.99
  • Adult’s Merino Long Sleeve Tee – $29.99
  • Adult’s Merino Thermal Underwear – $29.99
  • Uniden Powerbank – $29.99
  • Adult’s Waterproof Shell Jacket – $39.99
  • Adult’s Merino Quarter-Zip Top – $39.99
  • Adult’s Merino Sweat Pants – $39.99
  • Binoculars – $39.99
  • Adult’s Merino Jacket – $49.99
  • Solar Portable Charger – $59.99
  • Laser Range Finder – $149

Before heading across to your local ALDI store for the upcoming deals, you can check available stock online here.

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to ALDI’s Special Buys product delays page. It’ll save you from disappointment in case any of your favourite items are running a bit late.

ALDI also has Special Buys online-only items that you can check out here and the catalogue that you’ll find here.

As always, ALDI’s Special Buys products don’t last long on shelves, so prepare to get in early if you want to nab all your favourite sale products.

This article has been updated since its original publish date.


  • God I wish Aldi would just stop farting around and open stores in Townsville, like seriously why is it taking them so effing long. I think people were excited years ago for Aldi here now if it does come here it will be anticlimactic as people have waited too long. They always give this BS about how we are difficult to service with transport costs, doesn’t explain then how they manage to have stores in Gladstone and Rockhampton… Townsville is three times as big as those places.

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