Feeling Spicy? Try ALDI’s New Chilli Gin for a Kick

Feeling Spicy? Try ALDI’s New Chilli Gin for a Kick
Image: ALDI

A freezing winter’s night calls for a comforting cocktail by the fire. What could be better for a chilly winter than ALDI’s new chilli gin?

Chilli gin, you say? What on earth is that?

Handcrafted in Scotland’s Trossachs Distillery, ALDI’s new McQueen Smokey Chilli Gin is made using chipotle and smoked chilli, along with lime and Bulgarian juniper. It’s a subtle blend that is sure to heat things up. With delicate notes of coriander and citrus, your next G&T is going to be seriously bougie.

ALDI suggests trying chilli gin in your next G&T, or even mixed with a ginger ale for something different.

Hitting the shelves today, McQueen Smokey Chilli Gin is part of ALDI’s “Gin Festival” Special Buys range. There are seven delish craft gins on offer, all exclusive to ALDI.

In addition to chilli gin, there’s also Haysmith’s Elements Fire Gin which features the perfume of pink and Szechuan peppercorns. Haysmith’s Elements Earth Gin fuses Darjeeling tea flavours with citrus, while Eden Mill Scottish Dry Gin features notes of zesty lemon and lime.

Here’s the full line up:

  • McQueen Smokey Chilli Gin 700ml, $44.99
  • Eden Mill Scottish Dry Gin 700ml, $42.99
  • Haysmith’s Elements Air Gin 500ml, $34.99
  • Haysmith’s Element Earth Gin 500ml, $34.99
  • Haysmith’s Elements Fire Gin 500ml, $34.99
  • Copeland Raspberry & Mint Gin, $44.99
  • Copeland Rhuberry Gin, $44.99

ALDI’s Spirits and Beer Buying Director, Paul Handley, said “gin and tonics are a classic cocktail that we know Aussies love”.

“These new flavours bring a real variety and a twist on the classic drink, and we are excited to bring this range of craft gin from around the world to our customers at great prices,” he added.

Give it a crack in this easy cocktail.

The Perfect Serve

  • 50ml McQueen Smokey Chilli Gin
  • 100ml Burrandy Ginger Beer
  • Slice of green or red chilli
  • Grapefruit and/or lime
  • Big Ice

Just serve it in a fancy glass and you’re done.

If you’re not a fan of wine or beer, then ALDI’s “Gin Festival” might be the treat for you. You might just find your new favourite cocktail.

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