This Is the Best Way to Choose What Movie to Watch Tonight

This Is the Best Way to Choose What Movie to Watch Tonight

One of the biggest challenges folks living under the same roof tend to face each week is the dilemma of choosing what movie to watch each weekend.

Maybe you and your housemate are in two completely different moods: he wants to watch a rom-com while you’re feeling an old-school gangster film. Or maybe you and your partner are vibing the same kind of film, but you just can’t choose which movie to press play on. It’s a conundrum that often leaves folks (like me) sitting in front of the TV saying “what about this” for so long that it’s almost not worth watching a movie in the end.

Well, I’m here to tell you I have found a solution to this very serious problem.

The best way to choose what movie to watch

what movie to watch
How to choose what movie to watch. Don’t judge my choices. Screenshot via: Wheel of Names

One night, while dealing with this very issue I stumbled on a website called Wheel of Names, and it is now the only way I decide on which movie to watch.

Essentially, the website has been designed to randomly select a name from a list (like pulling a name out of a hat).

Once you visit the website you’ll see it has a spinning wheel that has been populated with names. Replace this list of names with the movie titles in contention, then spin the wheel and watch whatever it lands on.

When the spinning wheel lands on a movie title, it’ll show you a cute little pop-up celebrating the chosen name. It’s a fun little addition. But, of course, there is a chance someone will be left unsatisfied, still.

This Is the Best Way to Choose What Movie to Watch Tonight
And you have a winner! Screenshot: Wheel of Names

My roommate and I have a rule where if one of us has a gut reaction that we really don’t want to watch the winning movie we can veto it, but that’s never actually happened before. I guess that’s the power of the Wheel of Names.

If you need some inspiration for what movie titles to choose, check this list of the best movies on Netflix Australia and the top films to drop last year.

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