Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 Has a New Trailer and I Think They’re Going to Kill One of My Children

Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 Has a New Trailer and I Think They’re Going to Kill One of My Children

It’s happening. Stranger Things 4 is here. After almost three years, Volume 1 has hit our screens and we don’t have to wait very long for the rest of the season. We also have a shiny new trailer for Volume 2 to get us even more excited about it (if that’s even possible). Naturally, the latest Stranger Things 4 trailer raises more questions than it answers, but we’re here to help you break down each and every moment.

First off, if you haven’t seen the new trailer gaze upon it below.

WARNING: Spoilers for Stranger Things seasons 1-3 and Season 4 Volume 1 ahead. 

Stranger Things 4 Trailer Breakdown

Hawkins Will Fall

Early in the trailer, we hear Dr Brenner’s voice (who we now know is alive and has been helping Eleven to get her powers back), say “Hawkins will fall”. It’s the kind of blockbuster premonition you’d expect to hear in a season finale, but for some reason, it feels very real this time.

When Eleven defies him to go and help her friends Brenner tells her “you’re not ready”.

Nancy is alive

stranger things 4 trailer
Screenshot: Netflix

The ending of Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 left us on the cliffhanger of Nancy seemingly being taken under Vecna’s spell. The Hawkins gang clearly figure out her favourite song because she can be seen in this trailer looking very much alive (for now).

nancy stranger things 4
Screenshot: Netflix

Before that though, it looks like Nancy might be taken into a memory from the night Vecna was created at the lab.

Guitar Hero

stranger things 4 trailer eddie
Screenshot: Netflix

We knew it was coming thanks to the Volume 1 trailer, but in Strangers Things 4 Volume 2 we’ll finally see Eddie pick up a guitar in the Upside Down and (presumably) save the world.

Seeing as we now know that music is the key to breaking Vecna’s spell, Eddie’s guitar skills are obviously invaluable.

Here’s hoping he plays ‘Running Up That Hill’.

Prison Break

stranger things 4 trailer
Screenshot: Netflix

We may have gotten some hope at the end of Volume 1 when Hopper was reunited with Joyce and Murray, but they still have to get out of the Russian prison and it doesn’t look like it will be easy.

One clip shows a Demodog bursting out of a hallway to attack Hopper, who fires upon it with a gun. Clearly, the Russians were keeping more than one monster onsite.

stranger things 4 trailer breakdown
Screenshot: Netflix

The trio also come across some mysterious smoke force in a glass cage which could be linked to the Mind Flayer, who is still kicking around somewhere.

We also see Murray with a flamethrower later in the trailer. We know that fire is the only thing that can hurt a Demogorgon, so maybe there’s hope for our trio to get out of this alive.

What’s going on with Will?

stranger things 4 will
Screenshot: Netflix

So far this season Will’s storyline has been largely devoid of Upside Down shenanigans as he’s been helping Jonathan and Mike to save Eleven. However, clearly Will knows about Vecna, or will learn at some point, because during the trailer he says “He’s not going to stop, not until he’s taken everyone”.

Could we learn that Will has been aware of Vecna this whole time? Did he encounter him when he was trapped in the Upside Down?

Another shot shows Will and Jonathan embracing, so maybe Will has some knowledge about Vecna that could lead to him risking his life and returning to the Upside Down? That or they’re crying over someone’s death.

Regardless, I fear for him.

One of my kids is dying

stranger things 4 volume 2 trailer
Screenshot: Netflix

The cast and crew of Stranger Things have been teasing it all season — it looks like someone isn’t getting out alive in Volume 2.

“I have this terrible feeling, it might not work out for us this time,” Robin says to Steve during the trailer. Honestly, same, Robin.

While I don’t want any of my Stranger Things children to die (I’ve grown very attached to them) it feels like it could be a bad time to be either Eddie, Robin, Steve or Nancy. The four of them are seen gearing up for battle and heading into seemingly very dangerous situations in the Upside Down.

stranger things 4 trailer
FYI that blur is Steve. (Screenshot: Netflix)

At one point we see someone who looks like Robin caught up in Vecna’s vines as Steve and Nancy try to save her. Things don’t look good.

Sorry but if any of them die, we riot.

Back to the Creel House

stranger things 4
Screenshot: Netflix

We’re still not sure what the grand plan is to take down Vecna but it looks like the Hawkins crew is headed back to the Creel House.

We see Steve, Nancy and Robin enter the house in the Upside Down while Max, Erica and Lucas enter through the real world. It seems like some key to Vecna’s power must reside in that house seeing as it’s where he murdered his family as a child.

Lucas vs Jason

stranger things 4 netflix
Screenshot: Netflix

Don’t forget that high school jock Jason is still out there hunting for Eddie, after thinking he’s responsible for his girlfriend’s death.

Lucas betrayed his new basketball friends to help Eddie last season and it looks like he and Jason will come to blows over it at some point in the last two episodes.

Max is taken by Vecna (again)

stranger things 4 vecna max
Screenshot: Netflix

Max’s escape from Vecna in episode 4 of Volume 1 is simply one of Stranger Things‘ most iconic moments ever.

Unfortunately, it looks like it could’ve all been for nothing because the Volume 2 trailer shows Max in Vecna’s clutches again. 

There have been plenty of theories going around that Max will be the one to die this season, which would resolve her survivor’s guilt over Billy’s death. But hopefully, the power of Kate Bush can come through again.

Eleven vs Vecna

stranger things 4 trailer
Screenshot: Netflix

We’re bound for a rematch between Eleven and One/Vecna, and it looks like we’ll get it in Volume 2.

The Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 trailer shows Eleven in front of the stained glass window of the Creel house giving us her best superhero pose. We can only assume One is on the other end. Who will prevail this time though?

There’s still another season of Stranger Things to come, so it’s not all over yet. Still, I have a bad feeling this season finale is going to have some big consequences.

Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 will release on July 1 on Netflix.

Did you notice anything else in the Stranger Things 4 trailer? Drop it in the comments.


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