Pilot Has A Doctor-Backed Program For Men Who Struggle To Lose Weight

Pilot Has A Doctor-Backed Program For Men Who Struggle To Lose Weight
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Pilot – which you may have heard of before – is a men’s health subscription service that has developed a weight loss program for men that’s designed to help them lose weight long-term. Dubbed the Pilot Metabolic Reset, it tackles weight at a biological level and is backed by endocrinologists (specialists in glands and hormones produced which affect metabolism and more), dieticians and medical doctors.

It goes beyond what we’ve been told about eating less, exercising more, and that body size is indicative of your overall health. Given how often bodies fluctuate, and the multitude of reasons behind that fluctuation, it’s important to seek out health advice before you make any drastic changes to your diet and lifestyle. This is where Pilot comes in. They offer a full online health assessment and consultation with a doctor before being prescribed the weight loss treatment.

Once approved, the program combines appetite-lowering medication (which mimics natural hormones in your body to do so) while offering ongoing health coaching from Pilot’s medical support team. This includes weekly check-ins to track physical, mental and biometric health so you can shift and change tune as you go. We all need support sticking to routines, right? We know we do.

Speaking of, there’s also community support in the shape of a private Slack group. You’ll be on there with hundred of men who are also on a weight loss journey, and there’ll be access to gym, exercise and diet tips. It’s a safe space to share both wins and struggles.

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If you’re keen, all you’ve got to do is take an online quiz. If you’re eligible, a doctor from Pilot will create your treatment plan and your prescription will be sent straight to your door. There are already a bunch of men on board who have seen success, like Matt, who has found the program to be really helpful on his wellness journey.

“I used to be quite the athlete and played a lot of sports but injuries and age caught up with me but I kept eating like I was still playing sports,” Matt said. “I wasn’t just getting the medication with Pilot, I was getting a whole program of dieticians, health coaches, support, doctors.”

He continued: “It helps me to feel full so I’m eating significantly less food and still feeling satisfied. For the first time ever, I feel like I’m gonna get there.”

Pilot’s weight loss program for men starts at $13 a day. Find out more about the Pilot Metabolic Reset here.

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