City2Surf 2022: Your Favourite/Most Hated Fun Run Is Back, Baby

City2Surf 2022: Your Favourite/Most Hated Fun Run Is Back, Baby
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It’s almost that time of year, exercise-fiends. The City2Surf is approaching once again, and I’m personally already feeling out of breath.

Easily one of the biggest fun run events in Australia, the City2Surf has been a Sydney staple for over 50 years and over 85,000 people participate each year. While the impact of COVID meant the 2020 and 2021 City2Surf events weren’t able to go ahead in person, we’re hitting the streets, and facing Heartbreak Hill (that jerk) once again in 2022. Here’s everything we know about the event for this year.

What’s the City2Surf, again?

City2Surf 2022 register training dates
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For the uninitiated, the City2Surf is a 14km fun run that begins in Hyde Park and wraps up at Bondi Beach in Sydney – hence the City-to-Surf name.

Folks can run, walk or jog the event – some race it competitively – and many use it as an opportunity to fundraise for causes that mean something to them. Lots of people also dress up in bright, quirky outfits on the day to make the occasion a little more fun.

When is the 2022 City2Surf happening?

With the past two years being impacted by COVID, it would be unsurprising if some of you were feeling out of the loop about when the City2Surf is set to take place in 2022.

Usually, the event falls in early August and this year follows suit with the race slated for August 14, 2022, at 7:40 am.

How do I register?

City2Surf 2022: Your Favourite/Most Hated Fun Run Is Back, Baby
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If you’re looking to take on the 14km course in 2022, registration is officially open. Prices start from $95 for adults, and prices will increase as of July 20.

There are 10 different start groups you can participate in for the City2Surf. Those are split into pre-qualifying (requiring a qualifying time to join) and open-start groups. The full list per the event website is:

Pre-qualifying groups:

  • Elite Wheelchair Athletes Start – aim to complete the course sub 38mins
  • Seeded Start – aim to gain a place in the top 30
  • Preferred Start  – complete the course in a qualifying time of sub 53 minutes or sub 85 minute for a half marathon (men) and sub 60 minutes or sub 95 minutes for a half marathon (women)
  • Red Start – will complete the course in a qualifying time of sub 70 minutes
  • Green Start - will complete the course in a qualifying time of sub 80 minutes
  • Pink Start – will complete the course in a qualifying time of sub 90 minutes

Open-start groups:

  • Charity Superstar Start – For those who would like to make fundraising the focus of their event experience
  • Blue Start – aiming to complete the course in sub 120 minutes
  • Yellow Start – aiming to complete the course in sub 140 minutes
  • Back of the Pack/Orange Start – for walkers, fun groups, pushed wheelchairs, strollers and participants with service dogs.

You can find more details on the entry groups for City2Surf here.

It’s also worth noting that registering for the event will get you:

  • Race Number
  • Timing device
  • Return public transport. Visit for details.
  • Medical support/assistance
  • Aid stations on the course (supplied with water, isotonic sports drink, toilets and first aid)
  • Post-event recovery area at the finish area with food & drink vendors
  • Finisher’s Medal
  • Category Winners Prizes

How to train for the City2Surf

If you, like a lot of people, are wondering “why have I done this to myself and how am I going to complete this fun run?” there are loads of tips on how to prepare.

First of all, the City2Surf along with rebel and Under Armour has pulled together a whole training program (for beginners and intermediate runners) to help get you feeling prepared. We’ve taken a peek and they look pretty great, actually.

In addition to that, you can participate in a series of live runs organised by the team from now through to early August, if you’d like to train with other people (times are either 5:00 am or 5:30 pm).

Finally, we have a whole lot of running content that can help get you feeling strong and confident ahead of the event. Here’s a write-up on running/walking playlists; an explainer on why strength training is great for improving your running ability, and tips on how to improve your speed.

All in all though, the main thing you need to remember when signing up for the 2022 City2Surf is that it should be an enjoyable experience (well, maybe not Heartbreak Hill). Take your time and complete it at a pace that feels good for you.

What other fun runs are happening across Australia?

If this 14km challenge isn’t quite enough for you, there are loads of other fun runs around Australia to keep in mind.

Sydney Running Festival, HBF Run for a Reason, Nike Melbourne Marathon Festival, 2022 Gold Coast Marathon, Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane, Australian Outback Marathon and The Color Run (yes, it’s spelled the American way, strangely) are all popular options to check out next.

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