These Electric Blankets Will Turn You into a Human Burrito

These Electric Blankets Will Turn You into a Human Burrito
Image: Thomas Faull
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If you’ve just now had the realisation that your apartment or house is nowhere near prepared for the Arctic winter chill that’s hitting our Aussie shores, we’re here to help. A relatively cheap and effective way to ensure you never have to feel the sting of cold bed sheets ever again is by investing in an electric blanket. 

Typically, electric blankets go on your bed like a fitted sheet (under your fitted sheet) and plug into a wall socket. In between the layers of fabric are insulated wires that heat when plugged into electricity heat up. They come with an external controller that sits down the side of the bed where you can choose your desired temperature and set shut-off timers. If you’ve got a double, queen or king-sized blanket, there’s usually a controller for each side of the bed, so you and your partner can choose a temp that works for your sleep style. Or if you’re single, you can have one hot side and one cold side and flirt between the two. 

Are electric blankets safe?

For years electric blankets have gotten a pretty bad rap, people were (and rightly so) hesitant to invest in them for safety reasons. The idea of leaving them all night, or forgetting to turn them off in the morning made people nervous.  

These days, most of them come with an auto shut-off mode that’s triggered by a timer, turning the blanket turn off after a desired amount of time. It’s important to read the instruction manual that comes with your blanket to see how many volts it can handle as well as what kind of outlets it’s compatible with so that you use it safely and get longevity out of it. 

Do they last?

If you follow the care instructions on how to look after your electric blanket, you can usually get a few winters out of them (I’ve had mine for five years now), making them a worthwhile investment. If you ever notice any brown spots on your blanket, it’s time to chuck it and buy a new one. Brown spots likely mean that it’s overheated in that area or there’s damage to the wires causing burnt areas. 

Will your electricity bill skyrocket?

They’re generally cheaper than cranking the heater up as they chew up less power. Every blanket comes with an instruction manual that will outline how many watts it is, so you can usually figure out pretty quickly how much power it will use with regular usage. 

Ahead, we’ve rounded up a range of affordable electric blankets so you can stay warm this winter. 

Giselle Bedding Heated Electric Blanket

These Electric Blankets Will Turn You into a Human Burrito

Get a warm, cosy night’s sleep with this Giselle fitted blanket. Featuring a 100% polyester underlay made for long-lasting and comfortable use, you can choose between three different temperature settings using its detachable controller. And if you forget to switch it off, or it gets too hot, the overheat protection function will kick in and shut off power instantly. Best of all, it’s machine washable. Simply unplug it (make sure to detach the cable from the blanket as well) and toss it into the washing machine for a good, clean wash. 

Where to buy: eBay ($52.95 with code ‘AFTERPAY10’), Amazon ($59.95)

Dreamaker Dual Control Washable Electric Blanket

electric blankets

Essential for cold winter nights, this particular blanket comes with two detachable controllers that allow you to choose from three different heat settings, perfect for couples who run at different temperatures. It’s easy to maintain and machine washable, simply detach the cord and controls from the blanket before washing. It also comes with an overheating safety shut-off. 

Where to buy: eBay ($53.25), Amazon ($54.95)

Dreamaker Sherpa Fleece Under Blanket

These Electric Blankets Will Turn You into a Human Burrito

With dual control settings, nine heat options and built-in overheating protection, it’s perfect for long, cold, winter nights. Filled with lush, warm fleece, it has a 10-hour timer with automatic turn-off for heat protection and a removable controller, making it machine washable. 

Where to buy: eBay ($87.96 with code ‘SAFY20’), Amazon ($95.95)

Fully-Fitted Electric Blanket

These Electric Blankets Will Turn You into a Human Burrito

There’s nothing worse than slipping into freezing cold sheets and having to lie there, helpless and shivering, while waiting for them to warm up. That’s where this baby comes in. Fitted with dual controls, overheat protection and three heat settings to suit your personal body temp preference, all you have to do is switch it on a couple of minutes before you want to get into bed, and voila, you’ll be toasty in no time.

Where to buy: eBay ($49.95 with code ‘AFTERPAY10’)

Russell Hobbs Electric Blanket

electric blankets

This king-size blanket from Russell Hobbs is the perfect companion to keep you cosy during the cooler months. It’s designed for king-size beds and attaches with ties. The 100% polyester blanket is soft to the touch, and features a two-metre power cord and two removable controllers. The blanket also features overheat protection for added peace of mind.

Where to buy: Amazon ($79.34)

Tontine T9020 Sherpa Blanket 

electric blankets

The Tontine Sherpa electric double bed size blanket is a perfect combination of warmth and comfort for those long cold winter nights. It comes with a cosy Sherpa bottom layer for added warmth, great for those who live in colder climates. It features dual controllers so you and your partner can set your sides to the ideal sleeping temperature. 

Where to buy: Tontine ($62.42), Big W ($109)

Thought of an electric blanket still freaks you out? Why not try an electric throw rug first or a weighted blanket for extra comfort and warmth.

Editors note: Prices vary based on bed size. 


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