Everything You Need to Keep Warm While Tearing Down the Slopes This Winter

Everything You Need to Keep Warm While Tearing Down the Slopes This Winter
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Are you planning a ski trip to Thredbo, Perisher or maybe even New Zealand this year? With ski season now less than a month away, it’s a good time to start shopping around and taking advantage of as many deals on winter clothes as you can. Big brands such as Kathmandu and Columbia have started to discount some of last season’s winter wear, so it’s a good opportunity to grab what you can now from the sales bins before they sell out.

Typically, ski season starts from June and lasts all the way until October, while peak season usually runs for the entire month of July. This is when you’ll see prices jump for accommodation, and if you haven’t managed to secure a place to stay yet, it’s quite unlikely since most places book out months in advance.

If it’s your first time heading to the snow, whether it’s with friends or family, there’s a few items of winter clothing you’ll need to take with you to prepare you from the chill. Snow jackets, pants, gloves and thermals are all necessary items of clothing that you can’t skimp out on when it comes to braving the elements.

Even if you don’t plan on participating in some winter sports, you’ll still need most of these clothes if you want to take part in some tobogganing or snowman building.

Below, we’ve rounded up all of the basic snow clothing you’ll need that also happen to have a sweet discount on them right now.

Essential winter clothes to bring on your snow trip

Snow jackets

It goes without saying that the first piece of winter wear you’ll want to bring with you on your ski trip is a waterproof, windproof and fully insulating snow jacket. Snow jackets are the best way to protect yourself from the elements on the slopes, and it can get extremely cold the further up the mountain you climb.

Just imagine sitting on ski lifts in a soggy turtleneck or woollen jumper. Not only could you give yourself a nasty chill, but you could be exposing yourself to dangerous conditions such as frostbite or hypothermia.

We’ve rounded up some of the best deals on snow jackets below for men and women.

Billabong Day Break Jacket in Samba, now $165.99 with coupon (RRP $219.99)

Snow jacket is an essential part of winter clothes
Image: Billabong

Kathmandu Styper Women’s Snow Shell Jacket, now $120 (RRP $449.98)

Snow jacket is an essential part of winter clothes
Image: Kathmandu

New Balance NB Athletics Coco Gauff 90s AOP Windbreaker, now $61.43 (RRP $92.15)

Snow jacket is an essential part of winter clothes
Image: New Balance

Kathmandu Stockton Waterproof Windproof Insulated Men’s Jacket, now $230 (RRP $249.98)

Snow jacket is an essential part of winter clothes
Image: Kathmandu

Columbia Men’s Aerial Ascender Omni-Heat Infinity Insulated Jacket, now $124.98 (RRP $250)

Image: Columbia

Mountain Warehouse Shadow Mens Printed Ski Jacket, $98.99

Mountain Warehouse jacket
Image: Mountain Warehouse

Snow pants

Once you’ve picked your snow jacket, you’ll want to grab a comfortable pair of snow pants to go with it. Keep in mind that you’ll likely be wearing tights or trackpants underneath, as well as some thick socks, so you’ll want to ensure that you pick a pair that are a size up from what you’d usually wear.

The best ski pants usually have two layers of fabric along the legs and zippable pockets, so you won’t lose your belongings while out on the fields.

Have a squiz at some of these comfy and stylish ski pants to keep your butt nice and toasty while shredding some slopes:

Mountain Warehouse Blizzard Women’s Ski Pants, now $80.99 (RRP $121.99)

Snow pants is an essential part of winter clothes
Image: Mountain Warehouse

Mountain Warehouse Avalanche Women’s High-Waisted Slim Fit Ski Pants, now $116.99 (RRP $170.99)

Snow pants is an essential part of winter clothing
Image: Mountain Warehouse

Columbia Men’s Powder Stash Pants, now $79.98 (RRP $130)

Snow pants is an essential part of winter clothing
Image: Columbia

Mountain Warehouse Ultra Inca Mens Waterproof Tech Snow Pants, now $143.99 (RRP $233.99)

Snow pants is an essential part of winter clothing
Image: Mountain Warehouse


Thermals is an essential part of winter clothes
Image: Columbia

If you’ve never ever been to the snow before, there’s a single winter clothes rule you simply cannot break: dress in layers. If you thought you could get away wearing a puffer jacket and some track pants, you’ll be sorely mistaken. One layer of clothing is simply not enough to withstand subzero temperatures all around, especially if you plan on frolicking in the snow.

You might feel a little like a marshmallow waddling through your ski resort, but you’ll be the toastiest marshmallow walking around with your thermals.

For the ladies, it’s best to get started with a long-sleeved thermal top, such as this one that’s now on sale for $42.99 (down from $62.99). But if you’d prefer to have that extra layer of warmth around your neck, you can absolutely upgrade to this Merino long-sleeved zip turtleneck for $42.99 (down from $62.99), which comes in either black, grey or navy.

The gents will also need a long-sleeved base layer, so grab this one here for $62.99. There’s also a zipped up turtleneck version too if you prefer, that’s the same price. If you want one that’s a slim fit that you can wear by itself indoors, this men’s Omni-Heat 3D knit shirt is a great choice and is currently on sale for $59.98 (down from $90).

Don’t forget that when you’re wearing your ski pants, you’ll want a pair of thermal tights or pants underneath. If you plan to spend all your time on the slopes, you’re bound to cop a few rough tumbles. And we’re certain you’ll feel the icy cold blast of wind blowing against your backside, or “brrr” with snow that’s found its way down your ski pants.

Women can grab this pair of cosy thermals for $8.99 (down from $13.99) or if you’re feeling indulgent, you won’t regret this pair of fluffy fleece-lined tights for $17.99 (down from $26.99).

Unfortunately, we didn’t spot any fluffy tights in the men’s thermals range, but there’s a good pair of base layer pants on sale here for $38.99.


Most people think they can get away with a cute pair of ugg boots while stomping through the snow and while that might fly around your local shops, we’d advise otherwise.

Not only do most pairs of ugg boots possess zero grip for slippery surfaces, but they also lack the full insulation and waterproof material that’s needed to keep your socks from getting wet.

If you wake up to heavy snowfall from overnight, not only will your feet freeze and fall off (just kidding), but you’ll probably struggle to get the fluffy lining inside your boots dry again.

When buying a new pair of snow boots to wear around when you’re off the slopes, look for insulation, height and functional closures before committing to your fit. You probably won’t purchase your own board so you won’t need to buy your own ski or snowboarding boots, since you’ll need specific ones that can strap into your skis or board.

Check out our top picks for some fashionable but practical winter boots to wear while traversing through town.

UGG Sheepskin Boot Women Mid Calf Boot, now $152.15 (RRP $259)

Image: UGG

Mountain Warehouse, now $112.99 (RRP $161.99)

Mountain warehouse boots
Image: Mountain Warehouse

Columbia Men’s Fairbanks Omni-Heat Boot, now $90.98 (RRP $130)

Image: Columbia

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot III Boot, now $89.98 (RRP $120)

Image: Columbia

Snow gloves

The metal on ski poles can get frightfully cold after an hour on the slopes. Your hands can also go numb after pushing yourself up from an unfortunate face plant, too.

That’s why those five-fingered woollen ones won’t do. All these gloves can do is get wet and make your fingers even colder than they’d be without them. You’re better off investing in a pair of proper snow gloves.

You also can’t hire snow gloves, since it’s unhygienic to borrow someone else’s, so most ski rental places will make you buy your own.

Here’s the best deals we’ve rounded up for waterproof and well-insulating snow gloves:

Burton snow gloves, now $95.99 (RRP $119.99)

Essential snow clothes including gloves
Image: Burton

Pow Grom Glove, now $17.99 (RRP $39.99)

Pow Grom Snow Glove
Image: Pow Grom

Columbia Men’s Whirlibird Ski Gloves, now $26.98 (RRP $55)

Snow gloves
Image: Columbia

You can check out eBay Australia’s full winter clothing sale here.

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