This $7 Egg Poacher Is Everything It’s Cracked Up to Be

This $7 Egg Poacher Is Everything It’s Cracked Up to Be
Image: Decor/iStock/LauriPatterson
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When I go out for brunch with friends, I can never resist opting for a plate of poached eggs when the server asks me how I like them. Not only are they much healthier than fried or scrambled eggs, but I’ve always appreciated the skill and technique it takes to whip them up perfectly every time.

While I did study hospitality in high school, my attempts at creating the perfect poached egg have always failed. I simply don’t have the patience, nor the steady hand, it takes to carefully break a raw egg into a saucepan and not watch it dissolve into a streamy, eggy disaster.

There are plenty of hacks that can make poaching an egg so much easier, such as throwing it in a ramekin or using the whirlpool technique, but to be honest with you all, I really couldn’t be bothered.

My mum, like the little problem-solving genius she is, discovered this microwave egg poacher and has certifiably rocked my world. and great news friends, it’s now on sale for just $7.85 (down from $15).

What is this microwave egg poacher and how does it work?

Image: Decor

This Decor microwave egg poacher allows you to recreate up to four delicious cafe-style poached eggs at a time with little fuss. Clean up is simple too, since this cooking gadget is dishwasher-safe and filled with just water.

To make yourself a plate of some seriously good poached eggs, all you need is a kettle, your microwave, some eggs and your little red cooker.

  1. To start off, fill the base container up to the line with boiling water.
  2. In the little red cups, spritz them with a dash of cooking spray. This’ll ensure they slip out with ease when your eggs are finished cooking (nobody likes breaking the yolk).
  3. Then, crack an egg into each of the red cups and lightly fill the cups to the line with more boiling water.
  4. Put the clear lid on top of your egg poacher then place it in the microwave. The instructions say to zap it for one minute and 20 seconds, but this’ll differ from microwave to microwave. I prefer to leave it in a little longer, since the white comes out a little too liquidy for my tastes.
  5. Let it rest for another minute before carefully draining the excess water from microwave egg cooker.

Voila, perfectly poached eggs for your eggs benedict or avo toast.

Just keep in mind it may take a little trial and error before you nail the perfect amount of time to cook it in your microwave, but it’s well worth it once you crack the code.

Now whenever guests stay the night, we like to surprise them with a “gourmet” breakfast in the mornings, featuring our humble microwave egg poacher. And when they ask what’s our secret, take a guess at what we love to gift them with the next time we see them.

Shop the Décor microwave egg poacher here for $7.85.

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