Nintendo Switch Sports Tips For The Points-Hungry Fiends Among Us

Nintendo Switch Sports Tips For The Points-Hungry Fiends Among Us

If you’re anything like me, you like dressing up your video game character when you have the opportunity to do so. In Nintendo Switch Sports, this is a possibility but you have to work for it.

Nintendo Switch Sports’ character design is notably different to Wii Sports (although you can still choose to be a Mii character), and to me is reminiscent of Powerpuff Girls Z. It’s very smooth and cute, and with the new character designs comes the ability to dress them up.

The thing is, the only way to get new outfits is to collect points, and the only way to get points is by taking part in online matches.

It takes 100 points to receive a random item from a collection, and new collections get added to Nintendo Switch Sports every Friday. Each collection contains 12 items, consisting of outfits, accessories, emotes, and titles.

Emotes can be used in online games to communicate with your peers, and titles can be used in your name which can be seen in-game. When you complete a collection and collect all 12 items, you will receive the full outfit sets shown on the right.

nintendo switch sports rewards
This is my favourite collection at the moment, you probably know why. (Image: Nintendo)

Sometimes it’s good to be bad at Nintendo Switch Sports

There are two ways to go about grinding in Nintendo Switch Sports to get lots of points: winning, and losing.

If you’re just looking to rack up points as quickly as possible without any skill, the best way to do it is by playing Chambara, the sword-fighting sport. If you simply just get into a game and let your opponent smack you right off the platform, the game will finish speedily and you’ll get an easy 30 points each game.

It feels somewhat soulless, but if you’re just wanting to get your collections filled out, this is a very viable option.

In Bowling, it’s good to git gud

The same can be done with Bowling, where you can get a base reward of 40 points by playing the game, even if you lose in the first round. However, I’d highly recommend getting good at Bowling if you really want to score some big point rewards.

Bowling can get you the biggest rewards in Nintendo Switch Sports. It might take a little longer, with a full game going for around 10 minutes, but if you pull all the right moves you can easily get over 100 points from Bowling.

Just ranking past the first round will double your points from 40 to 80, and then getting multiple strikes and spares will bump the rewards up even more.

Of course, you should play the game for fun. That’s the first and most important step. On the other hand, I would consider part of the fun of Nintendo Switch Sports to be unlocking outfits. While these are currently the best ways to grind for rewards currently, Nintendo does still have plans to add Golf to the line-up in the future, so that may also end up being a strong contender for sports that can reward you with big point bonuses.

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