5 Moon Lamps to Celebrate Your Witchy Werewolf Side

5 Moon Lamps to Celebrate Your Witchy Werewolf Side
Image: Peter Horrox
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If you’re obsessed with the cycles of the moon and never forget to charge your crystals every time it’s full, you’ll love these floating/levitating moon lamps. By now, you’ve probably seen them floating (ha!) all over TikTok and wondered to yourself, “can you buy moon lamps in Australia?” The answer is yes, yes, you can.

They’re essentially the grown-up version of those little glow-in-the-dark stars you stuck all over your walls, only cooler, way cooler. Each one has a unique textured design that is a replica of the moon. They come in a bunch of different sizes and colours, including some pretty hectic rainbow ones.

Moon lamps are usually either perched on a wooden stand or ‘levitate’ above a little marble or wooden base — don’t ask us how! Whatever the design, they all emit an ethereal glow that looks like you’ve got a super moon in your room.

They’ve fast become a must-have in your home, with over 5.3 million views on the #moonlamp hashtag on TikTok. They remind us of those funky sunset lamps and galaxy projectors that have also been trending over the last few months.

Below, we’ve rounded up where you can get a bunch of cool, floating moon lamps in Australia for every budget.

Happy moon-gazing!

3D Star Moon Light with Wood Stand, $34.99

5 Moon Lamps to Celebrate Your Witchy Werewolf Side

Have you ever dreamt about touching the moon? The 3D Star Moon Light is about as close as you can get. There are 16 colours and four flashing modes for you to choose from, and you can adjust them by remote control, long press and tap control. It has an easily rechargeable, large-capacity battery, so you do not bother to charge it frequently.

You can buy the OxyLED Moon Lamp ($34.99) from Amazon here.

Mydethun Levitating Moon Lap with Hand Base $21.99

moon lamp

While you can’t change your crystals under this moon, you can bask in its effervescent glow. The LED light adjusts from soft white to yellow, creating the perfect ambience for a relaxing night… Romantic date, anyone? They’re easy to use and come with a USB power cord, so you can charge it with a normal USB charger. You tap your finger on the little metal knob to change colours and hold it down to make it dim or bright.

You can buy the Mydethun Levitating Moon Lap with Hand Base ($21.99) from Amazon here.

Levitating Lamp $149.99

5 Moon Lamps to Celebrate Your Witchy Werewolf Side

This levitating moon lamp is perfect if you really want a super moon in your room. It floats and spins in the air freely, with no need for cables or batteries as it’s powered through the air via induction. You can control the lights via the touch button on the bottom of the base. This floating moon lamp is made by innovative 3D printing technology, meaning the surface texture combined with the LED dual colour lighting effects gives you the feeling that you’re looking at the real moon.

You can buy the Levitating Moon Lamp ($149.99) from Amazon here.

VGAzer Levitating Moon Lamp $139.99

5 Moon Lamps to Celebrate Your Witchy Werewolf Side

Bring a touch of magic to your room with this floating moon lamp. It levitates all day and night silently using a magnetic levitation technique. Printed from a hi-res scan of the real moon, it features an easy touch-button on/off switch, emits a soft white light, and creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere in your home.

You can buy the VGAzer Floating Moon Lamp ($139.99) from Amazon here.

3D Moon Lamp, $31.99

5 Moon Lamps to Celebrate Your Witchy Werewolf Side

With a realistic 3D effect of the moon’s surface, this moon lamp will turn your room into a colourful oasis. And when we say colourful, we mean colourful, as this baby comes with 16 different colour options and remote control dimming. You can forget about this lamp needing to be placed near a plug point as well, considering it’s fitted with a long-lasting battery of up to 15 hours of use for every full charge (depending on the brightness you have it set at).

You can buy the Brightworld Moon Lamp ($31.99) from Amazon here.

Not convinced? Don’t worry. We don’t just have moon lamps in Australia, but a bunch of sunset lamps, galaxy projectors and hemp balance lamps to spruce up your room, too.

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