The Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Trial Is Being Rushed Out as a Documentary, for Some Reason

The Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Trial Is Being Rushed Out as a Documentary, for Some Reason

With the way onlookers are treating the defamation case playing out between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for some kind of high-drama docuseries, not a very real, and at times disturbing, legal matter between two actual human people.

Well, now it seems the reality loads of fans have been imagining to be true is actually going to be, with the news dropping that Warner Bros. Discovery ANZ will be releasing a two-part documentary series centred on the case titled Johnny vs Amber. The case is now officially becoming a source of entertainment.

While, for some, that may sound like an icky move that only further pushes the ‘entertainment value’ of a toxic series of events, and others might argue that we’re already seeing far too much of this case, there are sure to be those who will jump at the chance to learn more.

Johnny vs Amber documentary: What can you expect?

Johnny Vs Amber
Johnny vs Amber. Image suppliied.

The documentary series, which will premiere on Thursday, May 26 (yes, that soon), on ID has been described with the following synopsis:

The trial of Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard is capturing global attention with daily testimony unfolding from the stand that reads like a plot from a contentious drama. Two of Hollywood’s most glamorous movie stars accuse one another of horrific acts of domestic abuse, and reveal a relationship that seemed to be toxic from the very beginning. But, in all this chaos and confusion, it begs the question of how did this all start?

Johnny vs. Amber takes audiences to the very genesis of this tragic union. This public account of he said/she said began when Johnny Depp brought a libel case against News Group Newspapers Ltd. in the UK, specifically suing The Sun for calling him a ‘wife-beater’. Depp ultimately lost that case. This two-part documentary takes a deep dive into the original trial from two polarised perspectives. Featuring interviews with legal experts on all sides of the proceedings, as well as family, friends, and associates of both Depp and Heard; the first hour is devoted to a deep dive into Depp’s account of events while in hour two there is a dedicated look at the evidence and accusations presented by Heard.

Who are these friends and family members who are jumping at the opportunity to take an interview about hugely traumatic accusations? And does anyone else find the prospect of watching a documentary focusing on an emotional case that is currently happening super bizarre?

Anyway, I suppose if people are watching clips of the case in real-time, there’s no real difference in them tuning into a series about it. You’ll be able to find Johnny vs. Amber on ID, a true crime documentary channel on FOXTEL, if you’re so inclined.

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